Recipe: Simple Flapjack

I love flapjacks, I think it’s because my mum used to make them a fair amount when I was younger, so I know her recipe off by heart. I’d not made them in years until I decided I’d make a batch to take to hospital with me, then ate them all within a day or so, then made another batch and only managed to save half for hospital! Supposedly oats and porridgy type things help to increase your breast milk supply too, so for any breastfeeding mamas out there the ‘goodness’ outweighs the golden syrup! perhaps…

You Need:

6oz Butter / 6oz of Golden Syrup / 6oz of Demerara or Muscovado sugar / 12oz of Porridge oats

Optional: Dried Fruit / ginger (half a teaspoon) / grated lemon zest / desiccated coconut / nuts

A hob, a saucepan, an oven and a deep-ish baking tray of around 8×10 inches or thereabouts.


IMG_9736 IMG_9737 IMG_9738

Preheat your oven to 160c. Get a large saucepan and melt the butter and sugar together over a low heat, and use a pastry brush to lightly brush your tin (or use baking parchment for an easier life!)

IMG_9735 IMG_9739

Once the butter and sugar are melted, add the golden syrup (I’m never too precise with the measurement on this, I just dollop a good few tablespoons worth in!) and any other ‘small’ additions (like zests or spices) and stir in. Turn the heat off then add the oats, half first, stir in till coated then the other half. At this point add in any dried fruit/nuts etc then pour the mixture into your baking tray and pat down firmly. Shove it in the oven for 25 minutes, until lovely and golden. Turn out of the tray and cut into squares. At this point you can dip half in melted chocolate, but I am trying to lose the baby weight so I didn’t!

 IMG_9748 IMG_9749

Let me know if you’ try it, or any other ideas of things to add!

5 thoughts on “Recipe: Simple Flapjack

  1. I love a good flapjack, although when I make them I end up eating about half the mixture first. SO YUMMY.

    Sophierosehearts x

  2. Yum! I find pumpkin seeds are pretty tasty in flapjack. As is chocolate. But what ISN’T better with added chocolate?!


    P.S. I’m adding “Get to eat more flapjack” onto my pros list for having a baby.

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