Tips for moving house!

Although I’ve lived in the house I’m moving out
of for over for years, before that I moved about once a year for various
reasons, so have worked out various ways to make what is supposedly one of the
most stressful things an adult has to do a little easier! Our official moving date is next Thursday, so needless to say any spare time I’ve had recently has been spent preparing! 
1. As soon as
you know you’re moving start clearing out anything you don’t need to move. This
includes the almost rusty frying pan that you should’ve binned ages ago, all the
out of date cans and packages in the food cupboard and all the socks with holes
in them! Clearing out your crap is rewarding, I promise! There is nothing worse than moving useless stuff from one place to another!
2. Buy a few rolls
of heavy duty bin bags (you don’t want one splitting and emptying your knickers
all over the pavement outside your new flat!) some Strong parcel tape and a few
marker pens. Write the contents of each box on all sides so you can see it from
any angle! Be specific, you’ll have a few boxes with ‘kitchen’ on it, but which
one has the kettle in!? Tape a post it note to any bin bags with clothes in so
you know what’s what! You can keep clothes on hangers too, poke a hole in the
top of the bin bag and cover your clothes so they stay clean during the move. 
3. Ask your local shops for boxes so you don’t need to buy any, then you can
often get rid of them on gumtree as ‘free to collector’ when you’ve emptied them!
If your local shop doesn’t have any then try this method to obtain them!
Choose a large handbag for the moving period, you’ll end up flinging all sorts
of random things in there that you need to keep safe, plus keep a pen and
notepad, some parcel tape and a bottle of water and some snacks to keep you
5. Keep your bedding somewhere easy to get to (in the car and not the
moving van if possible!) so you can make the bed as soon as it’s assembled so
when bedtime comes you don’t end having to struggle with making it when you’re
6. If anyone offers to help you pack/unpack/lug boxes about then
accept their help! Especially if you have a newborn in the house… 
this hasn’t put you off moving then you can check out estate agents uk to see if
you can find somewhere new! 

And here’s the baby in our new living
room… can’t wait to get the furniture in!

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5 thoughts on “Tips for moving house!

  1. She looks so tiny on the floor! So cute!
    Go to McDonald’s for boxes if you’re struggling to find any – my store are usually happy to help and go through loads of boxes (they will just get recycled anyways) xo

  2. Have you checked the fixtures and fittings to see if there are any urgent items you will need? We left our fridge at our old house and the vendors are taking theirs with them so I’m in the process of urgently ordering one online for asap delivery!

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