Let there be lights!


As I mentioned in this post, we’re moving soon (possibly sooner than we thought too!) and now we know we’ve got a bouncing baby girl, it’s making the planning of her nursery a bit easier!! I’ve not bothered making our current spare room into a nursery as we knew we were moving within a few weeks of Athenas arrival, all her clothes are in there, along with nappies & other baby related bits, but when we move her room will be hers and I’ll put her down for naps in it, change her in it and she’ll eventually sleep in it too!
Cable & Cotton, who are Brighton based (yay for local businesses!) invited me to try a set of their lovely spherical lights… You can choose your own colour scheme from a whole array of options, including some set colours. The website is really easy to choose, and I also got emails from royal mail telling me when the parcel was going to be delivered! (I ordered Thursday night and they arrived Monday morning!)  You can order strings with 20, 35 or 50 lights on, so depending on where you’re planning to put them you can find the perfect size! I think these would look amazing in a huge glass vase too, or hung over artfully placed spray painted twigs at Christmas instead of a tree! (blatantly doing this in December)


I opted for a palate of lilacs and pinks, as Athena’s cot-bed is a deep purple (I’m really looking forward to making it actually! It’s currently still in its box!) so I wanted something that would compliment that, plus we have a giant purple bean bag which will go in her nursery too for feeding/playing. Once we’ve moved and got settled I’ll be after some nice wall decals (it’s a rented  flat so I don’t really want to re-paint) and I’ve got some other decor ideas stashed away for rainy days too! By the way, the cotton balls come separately, so you can pop then onto the chain of lights in any order you wish, plus this means you can change any bulbs easily, should one go, there are spares in the box just in case!

So, as I can’t show you the lights in situ yet, here are some adorable (if I do say so myself!) pictures of Athena with the lights!

DSC08814 DSC08815DSC08817 DSC08818

6 thoughts on “Let there be lights!

  1. Awwwww so cute!!! Can you post a photo of Athena’s room once its all done? It sounds so lovely, I wanna see! Have always been drawn to the windows if Cable & Cotton, such pretty lights! Xxx

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