Scrapbook Loves – September 2018

A very quick ‘Little Loves’ post from me as I am running out of time to get everything done before I go away in a couple of days! I didn’t want to miss Septembers update out completely though as I love looking back on them!


I read the seven books below this month, a bit of a variety of genres and themes though!

The two CS Quinn books are historical fiction based in the 1600s London, in the plague and the Fire of London era, well, one novel is set in each of these periods. Long but enjoyable.

I thought The Lido was very schmaltzy and predictable with so much description you forgot what you were meant to be reading! Clock Dance was good, but The Couple Next Door was REALLY good, lots of suspense and twists to keep you on your toes! I’ve not got 5 books to read till I hit my target of 50 for the year.


I feel like I’ve watched a lot of telly this past month, but thinking back I’ve not really watched all that much. I finished the Bodyguard, and held my breath through most of the episode as I’m sure lots of people did! I thought the twist was a bit of a disappointment but I’ll still be watching the next series! I did love the advert for ‘The Cry’ though so will be keeping an eye out for that soon! As soon as Bodyguard was over I moved on to Killing Eve and I actually liked that a lot more, I won’t spoilt it too much but the accents are amazing and everyone loves a bad girl!

I’ve just started watching New Amsterdam with Sam too, and FBI – both american dramas that have just started, bit no major opinions formed yet as we’re only 1 episode into each! I need to watch the next series of Ozark too!


Podcasts I’ve been listening to are Teachers Pet, which is amazing – I’m not quite half way through yet though, but I already think he did it! Also They Walk Among Us which is a UK crime podcast, ace. I need to find something long and interesting to get my teeth into on the way to and from Cumbria as it’s about 7 hours each way!

I also heard little snores from this one on his Sunday afternoon cat-nap.


Nothing exciting at all, sadly!


Socks for the first time in months and months! Though I am in flip flops today, hurrah!

And Lastly…

I’ve started thinking about Christmas, the kids presents are bought and I just need to think about the few other presents now! Sam and I don’t do gifts so that’s easy, at least!

I am loving the crisp mornings and the leaves starting to fall, we even picked up some conkers yesterday!


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  1. Someone else mentioned in #LittleLoves that they had read The Couple Next Door. I couldn’t seem to get past the first 50 pages, but maybe I need to keep trying!

    I’ve also heard lots about Killing Eve, but haven’t watched any of it so might give that a go.

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