Interiors: Using Rugs to update your Living Room

There is no better way to add style and comfort to your living room then via a beautiful rug. A rug can add a wealth of personality and energy into the lounge area; it gives it another dimension and truly brings out the other colours and furniture in the room as well. In addition to this, because of the fabric, rugs also add warmth to the living area. This is something that is obviously highly desirable, especially considering the cold weather in England. Moreover, it is small things like this which truly personalise a house, and consequently make it a home.

If you are looking for a rug for your living room then there are several things you need to think about. First and foremost, you will have to determine a budget. Moreover, you will need to consider aspects such as size. Nevertheless, the most important thing you need to decipher is the style of rug that you are going to buy. You need to ensure that you opt for something that fits into the style of your room.


Solid colour rugs

Firstly let’s deal with solid colour rugs – this means that they are plain and do not incorporate any patterns. If you are having trouble deciding what colour rug to go for then one colour you should certainly consider is a dark purple colour, such as plum or wine. This is something which is highly versatile and goes with most styles. Moreover, whilst the colours mentioned may be dark, they have richness and vividness to them which is really brought out when placed alongside different furniture. Shaggy rugs work well when going for solid colour rugs too, and this is because the texture of the rug is the main attraction, rather than any sort of pattern.


Patterned rugs

If you are looking for a patterned rug, which can really be a statement piece in your living room, look for a ‘nature’ or ‘elements’ rug. These take inspiration from nature and are rugs which incorporate patterns, such as; floral and contemporary twig like designs. These are perfect for any room and they go with any style you already have in the room; whether your furniture is modern or conventional. They also look absolutely stunning when they are placed on wooden flooring. They make the living area look sleek and stylish, yet at the same time, you do not lose any of that desired snug and homely factor.


Faux fur rugs

And finally, another option you should certainly consider is faux fur. They look fantastic and are the first thing anyone is assured to notice when they enter your living room. In addition to this, they feel fantastic as they are super soft and super snug. Moreover, they add warmth to the room because of their thick fabric. A final point worth noting is that via opting for faux fur you ensure that your costs are kept low as well.


All in all, a rug is a great way to add personality, style, warmth, and colour into your living room. You should consider the trends mentioned in this article in order to help you make your decision regarding which type to buy.


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