Scrapbook Loves July 19

Another month has shot by so here’s what I read, watched etc in July.


I read these six books in July, the stand out being Homegoing by Yaa Gyasi. It’s a novel that stretches generations and continents, family, suffering and so much more. The Shape of Us is also enthralling, lots of interwoven story lines and would make a great film!

I’m now 41 books into my reading challenge for 2019, but am adding books to my ‘to be read’ pile faster than I can read them!


So Sam and I have managed to watch four seasons of Greys Anatomy since I wrote my ‘Scrapbook Loves’ post in June. Obsessed is one way to describe it. Some of the acting is still pretty atrocious though, and we couldn’t believe it when you know who died!

I’ve also been watching the second series of Working Moms on Netflix, The Handmaids tale and not a lot else really as Greys has taken over!


Hmmm… I made brownies with the kids last week but that’s as elaborate as we’ve been!

I made the kids (and myself!) happy with my decision to hire a bell tent at the festival we were at last weekend – they loved it and I loved not having to put a tent up! I now want a bell tent to replace our normal tent!

mal planner

I am also making myself be a lot more organised when it comes to work in the summer holidays as I have a lot less time than normal to get work done! Malpaper sent me their Daily Goal Setter to try out, it’s a planner that helps you to define and stick to daily, weekly and monthly goals. It has easy to use pages with space for targets, and a way to easily prioritise them, as well as a way to rate your day. I’m finding it really helpful with making sure that I do the most important tasks first, and reflect on how the day went too.


Lauren and kids

Nothing new, I am not buying clothes because I don’t need any. I haven’t imposed a ‘spending ban’ as such but have got more than enough clothes at the moment, even with sending loads to charity and selling a few bits on ebay this month. I’ve been wearing lots of dresses as it’s been so hot though!

And Lastly…

We’re over a week down of the summer holidays, and nobody has killed anyone yet, though there have been a few scraps between the kids! We survived that super hot week, just about! I took the kids to London last Tuesday as we had been invited to the press-performance of ‘Where is Peter Rabbit?‘ at the Haymarket Theatre, with kids going free all summer. It’s a really sweet performance, with live actors and puppets and both kids sat enthralled by it. The songs are all catchy and the characters are the ones we know and love from the classic books. ! It’s showing up to three times a day until Sept 1st and is around an hour long, we all recommend it! Keep an eye on their instagram too for behind the scenes stories!

I’ve been a bit slack on the blogging front recently as I have been so busy with work, but I am going to do my best to resurrect the weekly Sunday Scrapbook posts of mine to act as a diary of our holidays at the very least!



2 thoughts on “Scrapbook Loves July 19

  1. July sounds like it’s been wonderful! Busy, but wonderful! I’ve been meaning to check out Peter Rabbit Live and T would love it, and you’ve just given me the kick I needed.

  2. July sounds like it was a great month. Next time we go to a festival I would love a bell tent. I always see people with them and they look so good.

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