Athena and Arlo – June 2015


So this month the novelty of having a little brother has worn off ever so slightly, there have been a few ‘shushes’ when Arlo has been crying, but she still definitely loves having him around as he’s the first person she asks for when she wakes up in the morning! She still has to be reminded to be gentle around him, and more than once I’ve had to physically pull her off him as she likes to smother him by rolling on top of him to give him a hug! She’s still shown no signs of jealousy or anything like that though, which I am hugely thankful for!

dear beautiful

6 thoughts on “Athena and Arlo – June 2015

  1. Oh I love the outfits!! I found with mine the novelty wore off the new baby for a few months and then they could do things and it all got interesting again!!

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