Stuff on a Sunday #34

I’m annoyed at myself for not writing a ‘Stuff on a Sunday’ last week especially as it was Athenas birthday. I’m also annoyed I’ve not got a proper one written this week AND I didn’t do my normal ‘In May I…’ recap post. I’ve not done them because I’ve just been so tired and have chosen to have baths, read and sleep over blogging. So here’s the last two weeks in a nutshell

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  • Athena turned 2! We actually went to her friends 3rd birthday bbq on her birthday which was lovely as she got to see her friends, and we got to see our friends too!
  • The day after we had a little beach bbq in the late afternoon, and have had a few more family beach strolls too
  • I’ve started going to playgroups more regularly which is great for Athena and Arlo normally sleeps through them too so I can drink tea!
  • I met up with 2 mum’s from a local fb attachment parenting group, we all have babies within a few weeks age difference and older children too. We’re meeting again this week!
  • Had a play date with one of Athenas nursery chums who she doesn’t see anymore as they’ve both swapped days. His mum also has a baby a few weeks older than Arlo with the same age gap as my two, they’re all lovely and live close to us!
  • Discovered that the church garden over the road from us is open for public use, it’s enclosed, has a bench lots of shade and will probably become my new ‘front garden’. We have a lovely garden at the front of our building but it’s not enclosed so keeping Athena close by is a nightmare
  • Baked some muffins! I’ve not baked since long before Arlo arrived and I’m going to do it more often!
  • Had a disastrous lunch date with my offspring. Athena didn’t want to eat her lunch OR mine… and was flinging things about merrily which I could cope with until Arlo woke up in the sling, then half way through feeding him he spat his feed up then did a number 2 in spectacular fashion. As I was changing him Athena joined in the with poops. Thankfully I was in the changing room already!
  • Survived two nights with Sam away for work without two much trouble. Nobody got a bath and I only managed a 2 minute shower in 48 hours but ce la vie!
  • Had a car related catastrophe in which the alarm wouldn’t stop going for near on 3 hours resulting in both babies wailing and me wanting to join in! Thankfully the rac and Sophie came to my rescue! Sophie and her daughter kept Athena busy whilst I was listening to the RAC guy tell me his life story whilst replacing the battery. We went and had a picnic at the park afterwards and got a bit sunburnt, whoops!
  • Arlo has grown out of 0-3 sleepsuits! & trousers… tops and vests are still fitting him but not for much longer! He’ll be 11 weeks old on Tuesday. Insane.

So there’s a little catchup from me. I’ll try and get back into the swing of things soon but for now I’m going to carry on looking after me (and doing a few loads of washing!) Happy Sunday people!


6 thoughts on “Stuff on a Sunday #34

  1. I missed your post last week. Athena’s birthday sounds fab, I wished we lived near to a beach! I might have a look to see of there is any FB groups near to us. That lunch out sounds a bit like a nightmare but sounds like you kept your cool, Oliver like to throw food when he gets tired!
    How chunky has Arlo got?? what a cutie!
    Have a lovely week
    Becky xx

  2. Oh dear – it’s horrible when a nice meal out goes spectacularly wrong. That church garden sounds fab, though, and I love that top photo! Have a great week!

  3. Oh my! What a week! Firstly, happy 2nd birthday to Athena! I’m glad you all had a lovely time 🙂 I love that photo of Arlo, Sam and Athena – Arlo looks so shocked! It sounds like you’ve had a super busy week… I know what you mean about snoozing over blogging – I’ve been like that this week!

    Thanks for linking up to #TWTWC xxx

  4. Oh wow! Sounds like you’ve had some serious stresses to deal with hun – well done for getting through it AND finding time to bake muffins! You’re definitely Super Woman xxx

  5. I can’t even begin to imagine how full your hands are, well done on surviving the two solo nights!! Can’t believe Arlo is 11 weeks already and loving the piccies of Athena getting to grips with her bike x #TWTWC

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