Slumps, wishes and plans

I’ve been  in a funny place since  Christmas and  it’s taken me a lot longer to pull myself out of the  post festive slump than in previous years. I think that’s partly because  I actually had the whole of the school holidays off so finished all my work  before Christmas, and I didn’t blog either.  I think my laptop actually gathered dust!   I’ve also been mulling lots of things over in my head, as well as having some changes to workload and clients  too. All in all I feel a bit befuddled – or that’s the best  way I can think to describe it anyway.

I think I need to inject some routine back into  my life in terms of work, blogging, hobbies and also fitness. I haven’t put any weight on over Christmas but I definitely haven’t lost any either and I just feel sluggish a lot (okay, most) of the time! The only thing I have been consistent with is getting lost in a good book. I just haven’t really felt like sharing   because I feel like we’ve not done anything much worth sharing,  if that makes sense. But then I think most people reading my blog are in a similar situation to me;  juggling a job or two, a family, restricted to school term dates and  also not rolling in cash to do unlimited fun  things all the time. So maybe it doesn’t matter that we’re not always jetting off to places or  building extensions or redecorating rooms that were only decorated a year ago!

I’ve got a couple of posts in the pipeline though, the first about our ‘No Spend’ year  and one sharing my   carry-on/ tourist essentials  for New York (I’m going next week!)   but felt like I wanted to get back to the old-school way of blogging like in 2011 when I started  and shared all sorts of random thoughts with whoever stumbled across the posts! Readers also used to comment lots back then too… now with our ‘always available’   social media profiles people tend not to as they know what you’re up to a lot of the time, or message you via instagram DM’s and so on.

Anyway, If I can manage to find some energy, some organisations and lose my excellent procrastination skills  I plan to blog a lot more this year…  I’ll resurrect my ‘Sunday Scrapbook’ posts   (although I did manage to do  a Scrapbook Loves post every month in 2019!)  and will try and carry on with  the Siblings Project post and  Me & Mine family photo projects.  I want to continue working on improving my photography and actually sharing it – even if it’s just for my own benefit!  I took so many photos last year that never made it on the the blog at all, they’re just sat   on my hard-drive doing sweet FA!

Anyway, Happy 2020 and  you’ll hopefully see more of me soon!

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