Small Business Customer Service: Tips and Top Platforms

Whether you own a large firm or if you have small company it is your responsibility to satisfy your customers. Customer service can really make a difference, especially for small businesses. In this article we are going to share some tips and platforms that will prove helpful in this area. 

Small Businesses and Customer Service

The global economy is getting increasingly competitive, especially for small businesses. It is really hard to get a stable position and a name for yourself. In this time and day when buying products is just one click away then a customer would prefer someone that holds them and their time dear. 

Good customer service can really set you apart from others. According to a survey two out of three customers are more likely to do business with someone that they had a positive experience with. So, in order to have that exceptional level of customer service, you should keep the following in mind. 

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If you are a small business owner then the number of your customers is more likely manageable unlike some conglomerates. This is not a bad thing, in fact it is a good thing. Because this means that it won’t be hard for you to get close to your customers and give them personalized customer service. Reaching out to them and getting to know them by name and face will make the experience memorable both for you and them. 

Make Your Presence on Every Level

Whether it is being present on the desk or multiple social media outlets, you should never let any opportunity of connecting with your customer go. Because if you are not doing it then your competitors are. 

Make Service Level Equal

It doesn’t matter if your customer checks in with you once a year or if there is another who does it almost daily. Your service level should be the same for everyone. Former customers can be a huge asset when it comes to referral so don’t be hasty. 

Keep an Eye on Customer Feedback

Give your customers an outlet to give the feedback. The information that you gain that way can prove very beneficial. It may even give you new ideas. When customers know that they can comfortably talk to you they will be more willing to buy from you. 

Hire People With People Skills

Whenever you are hiring, stress on communication skills. Every one of your employee should be able to manage people but especially the ones that are responsible for customer service. They are the face of your company.


There are various platforms in the form of software programs that help you keep organized and engage with customers better. The following are a few that we recommend. 

  • HelpScout
  • ZenDesk
  • Groove
  • Ning
  • MindTouch


The business world is competitive, so it is especially hard for small businesses to cut through the noise. While everything may not be in your control, one thing that can help you rise above others is customer service. Maintain a loyal base of customers who will help you grow. 


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