Stokke Home – a preview of the new collection

Last Friday I was invited along to the launch of the new Stokke Home collection which was being unveiled to the world for the first time at The Baby Show. We were privileged enough to have the designer talking us through the concept from inception to the final products, and I defy anyone not to fall in love with the range! It emits all the simple, sophisticated and functional elements that we’ve come to know and love from Stokke and is definitely going to be popular!

The Stokke Home collection is designed to take your baby from birth all the way through childhood with a series of four very cleverly designed elements that integrate and compliment each other. Inspired by childhood dens (and who doesn’t remember building one of those?) created under the family dining table, Stokke wanted to create a bed that made the child feel safe, secure and cosy and you can see from the photos that anyone would feel cosy dreaming the night away under these gorgeous canopies. In fact the Stokke Home Bed is weight tested to support both parents AND their child, so everyone can snuggle up for a bedtime story together, what a lovely touch!

 The Stokke Home Cradle can be used as a stand alone cradle, where it rocks ever so gently in the lightweight frame. It has a very small footprint, and baby can use it up to around 6 months. It has the lightest material surround, ensuring plenty of airflow. Not only can the cradle be used in its own frame, but it fits snugly into the Bed too, as you can see in the photo above.

The changing table can also be placed next to the cradle on the frame of the bed, or it can be used on the cradles frame and also on top of the Dresser, very ingenious! It doesn’t stop there either, once you no longer need to use the changing table for its original purpose, you can flip it over and attach it to the cradle stand to create a desk so you’ll get years more use out of both items! It has protective sides and a soft and padded changing mat, along with a tray at one end to keep all the lotions and other essentials to hand.

The Stokke Home Dresser is designed so that you can get up close to baby as it has space for your feet beneath it, and no handles mean that there will be no unwanted bumps and bruises. The drawers all close silently and there are three depths of drawers to ensure you can fit everything in that you’d need to.

Finally the heart of the new collection, the Stokke Home Bed. Like something from a fairytale, it would easily take pride of place in any nursery or children’s room. There is a range of textiles to choose from, and can be customised so you can use it exactly as needed. Firstly with the crib then as a cot and finally as a bed. There is a specially designed bed guard for when your child makes the transition to bed from cot, and there are two height settings for the mattress to suit all stages.

 The Stokke Home collection will be available from May onwards, in both Hazy Grey or White with a selection of accessories and fabrics to customise it to suit your childs room. Connect with Stokke on facebook and twitter to be the first to find out when the collection is released, and to keep an eye on all their other lovely products too.

A huge thanks to Stokke for inviting me to the preview of the new collection, and you can take a look at the last Stokke launch I attended last autumn, which was full of beautiful buggies here!

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  1. I love Stokke but sadly never owned any of their nursery products apart from our Tripp Trapp which we didn’t get on with as a baby highchair but love now the harness is off

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