Stuff on a Sunday #11

Monday: after three days of being cooped up in the sick house I was determined to get out of the house for a stroll. We popped into town for a couple of errands, and to get Athena’s feet measured. She was not happy about this for some reason, despite having it done three or four times before! It put her in such a bad mood that she has a very undignified and uncommon wailing session as we continued round town… blotchy red face and all. I’d gone into poundland to stock up on cleaning chemicals (& chocolate!) But had to abandon by basket half way round due to wailer-baby. I never did find out what was wrong with her and by the time she got home she was happy again! It was nice to get out of the house though regardless!

Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday were all work days for me, and busy ones at that! Lots of labour and income forecasting for the rest of the financial year… (dull to you probably but I quite like it!) I also worked out I have 12 days of annual leave to take before the end of February! As I only work a 3 day week that’s actually four weeks worth of leave… & considering I’m planning to go on maternity at the start of march I don’t actually have many days of work left! We had friends over for dinner on Wednesday, which was lovely although we had to wait an age for the food to turn up! Serves me right for being too lazy to cook!

I was also super chuffed to be listed at #10 in the Top 20 food blogs on Twitter list from Foodies 100, so now have a nice new badge to add to my sidebar!

On Friday we went for a hot chocolate and catch up with one of Athena’s honorary god mothers who is over from Germany where she lives.  Hopefully we’ll see her again before we head to Norfolk for new year! Sam went to work in the afternoon and once Athena was in bed I attacked the present wrapping! I’ve still got a few more of Athena’s bits to wrap but pretty much done now, thankfully. I always start off being so neat with it and then get bored and just want to get it done!

Saturday was a nice chilled out day, some washing in the morning, a catch up with my kindle whilst Athena napped and then Skye came over to see us! We had a stroll around town and then had lunch at a completely Gluten free cafe recently opened which was delicious and great for Skye as she didn’t need to worry about what she was ordering! We exchanged Christmas gifts too, hers were beautifully wrapped of course! Once we were home I accidentally dozed off on the sofa, and woke probably five minutes later to a living room strewn with anything Athena could get her hands on! I couldn’t be bothered to tidy it up so… I got into bed at 7pm as soon as I had put Athena to bed for a night of Harry Potter (you can always count on ITV to be showing one of them the Saturday before Christmas) and nail painting and then a bit more reading before Sam arrived home from work at 11pm. We then spent about half an hour going through random IMDB cast lists to see if we could find any name inspiration for baby boy, but no luck! We have a semi short list… but that’s it!

Today is a nice family day as Sam is off work for once! So far we’ve done two loads of washing, cleaned the kitchen floor, baked baileys chocolate cookies and watched a film (whilst Athena napped, it was a bit violent!) It really does make a difference to have him here keeping her entertained so that I can do things without a little helper (though she did get into a tub of pringles!!) We’re going to a carol service by candlelight at the church closest to us tonight, we’ve never been to it before so hoping they are okay with a toddler who will either try and sing along or run up and down the aisle! Once we’re home my Tesco food delivery should arrive, fingers crossed I don’t have any weird substitutions!

I’m sorry that all these photos are from instagram, if you already follow me there you’ll have seen them all before but I’ve not had time to get my proper camera out much lately!

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