Stuff on a Sunday – Dear Zoo & Delicious

I’ve really got nothing to say about the past week, its only saving grace was Saturday. We had a gorgeous family day out at Amberley Museum (we have season tickets so we go a lot but we really do love it there) and it was so warm that we ate outside for the first time this year! I lost a working day this week due to sickness meaning the childminder had to close her setting, so have been working every evening till quite late. I also covered two extra shifts at work so I feel like I’m a bit behind with blog stuff but I’m too tired! This is the only photo I took on my phone today, unflattering of me but a rare one if Sam and I together!

I am having a proper ‘blackout’ weekend this weekend, I felt like I needed a break from social media a bit, and do you know what? I don’t miss it and I think I’ve even got over the ‘FoMo’. So onto #LittleLoves!


I’ve not watched much this week, apart from ‘Delicious’ on NowTV. It stars Dawn French and is set in gorgeous Cornish countryside, based around a dysfunctional family (aren’t they all?) It was only four episodes though, so I hope there will be a new series! I’m finding it really hard to find a new series to watch at the moment, I have a few things I watch with Sam when we have an evening together but like to have something with LOADS of seasons to watch myself whilst I work… I’ve tried a few new ones over the last few weeks but just can’t get in to anything! Suggestions on a postcard please!


Almost every night before bed the kids and I have read ‘Dear Zoo’ together. It’s the 35th anniversary of its publication this year and we were sent a gorgeous hardback copy to replace our old (Sellotaped!) board book version now that the kids are that little bit older and able to take more care with nice books! I have such fond memories of Arlo’s early days reading this with Athena whilst he slept or napped, with her just learning what the animals and the noises they made, he’s now at a similar age and him saying ‘Monkey’ is just the cutest! I hope they can look after it well enough to pass it on to one of their kids in the future!



Loving Ed Sheerans new album! It’s all I’ve been asking Alexa for this week!


A ‘syn free’ Slimming World Bolognese and also a Cottage Pie. Oh, and I’ve been making myself overnight oats on the days that I have to be in work pre seven am!


Nothing special to note clothes wise, but I have got a particularly lovely manicure at the moment, matt navy blue nails with aquamarine glitter accent nails. I always feel so much more ‘put together’ when I have my nails done and buying a gel nail lamp so I can do them at home was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made!


I went out WITHOUT A COAT this week! Hurrah, spring is almost upon us I think! 


6 thoughts on “Stuff on a Sunday – Dear Zoo & Delicious

  1. The sunshine was such a pleasant surprise this week wasn’t it? Sadly it didn’t stick around but hoping it comes back soon. Everyone is raving about Ed Sheeran I really hadn’t ever heard of him get why now though. lol Hope you are having a great weekend. #littleloves

  2. A lot of Delicious was filmed in the village I grew up in. I spent more time spotting places and shouting at my rather bewildered husband than actually paying attention to the plot! haha x

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