Stuff on a Sunday #25 – three become four!

The week when three became four!

Sunday was incredibly windy and a little bit wet too! We had a brunch in town with friends and their daughter after a lay in (well Athena and Sam had a lay in… I was awake from half five as per normal! After brunch and a little perusal of the shops we headed home for naps (Athena and I!) Then had a chilled out afternoon building things with mega bloks (Sam and I) and destroying them (Athena)

On Monday I had a desperate urge to get to Ikea to buy a new chest of drawers for bumps clothes, which up till now had been stored in plastic bags in a cupboard, apart from the newborn bits that are obviously ready and waiting! I drove us to Southampton and we were nearly wiped out due to a combination of shit driving from a lorry and a German car meaning I had to do what was practically an emergency stop in the fast lane of the M27. Thank god I was paying attention or I dread to think what could have happened! 

Ikea was FULL of pregnant ladies… so many of us all waddling slowly round like zombies headed for the meatballs! We picked up the chest of drawers and a few other bits, Athena had a whale of a time climbing on to every chair and bed she saw (and that’s a lot!) then we headed home to make the drawers! We had a late dinner because I was ‘nil by mouth’ from midnight because…

Tuesday was finally baby day! After arriving at the hospital at 7am, finally being ‘checked in’ at half eight and then sitting around till half one Arlo finally arrived via a C section at two twenty! I’ll write up a birth story soon though.

Wednesday was spent in hospital as there is a minimum two night policy for C section deliveries but to be honest it flew by, Sam bought Athena in to meet her little brother in the morning and the evening and watching them meet was just so lovely! She’s smitten with him and they lay down together for a little snooze on the bed! My heart burst with pride and happiness at seeing them together!

On Thursday Athena was at nursery and after Sam dropped her off he did a food shop and then came to wait with me to be discharged! Arlo had his paediatric check, I had and new dressing applied to my C section wound because it was and bit weepy still (Urgh sorry!) and we were free!!! We got home early afternoon and Sam picked up Athena a little early so we could all hang out together in bed for a bit!

Friday was a lazy day, a midwife visit (so brief she may as well not have bothered) and a nap for Arlo and I whilst Sam and Athena went to the park. On Saturday We all got up dressed and headed out to a local Country centre for an Easter Egg hunt! I probably shouldn’t have been out for so long or walked for so much as I was achey and sore afterwards but Athena had a lovely time and it was nice to see our friends too!

It’s a pretty brief ‘Stuff on a Sunday’ post from me but I’ve got a newborn to cuddle and a toddler to attempt to cuddle if she stays still long enough! 

I had two lovely guest posts whilst I was otherwise engaged, one from Cat about her fave bits of Brighton and a ranty one from Donna about lifts, so please do check them out! I have another one coming up tomorrow from a fellow Brighton mama too!

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6 thoughts on “Stuff on a Sunday #25 – three become four!

  1. Aw congratulations Lauren!! Arlo is the cutest little human, my heart is swelling at the sight of Athena giving him a cuddle! So pleased to hear it all went smoothly, can’t wait to read more little updates. I’m slightly heartbroken I’m not around to meet him!!

  2. Congratulations! Arlo is adorable and I love the photo of Athena giving him a cuddle (making me broody!) Well done getting out to an Easter Egg hunt with a newborn and a toddler in tow. I’d be hibernating for months! 🙂

  3. A massive congratulations to you, Arlo is just gorgeous and I really like the name. You have done blooming well to get out for an easter hunt, I was rocking in the corner when Oliver was 4 days old (not literally of course just in my head!) Loved the line about the pregnant zombies made me chuckle. Enjoy all those lovely new born moments
    Becky xx

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