Yonks and yonks ago my good chum Donna tagged me in the ‘Sisterhood’ tag, and I wrote the answers then the blog post stayed in drafts for ages, but ha! I have resurrected it so here we go… I think I was meant to ask ten more bloggers ten questions of my own but I am finishing this post hurriedly to schedule it during the week after baby arrives so I am going to claim laziness on that, but if anyone else wants to answer these questions then please do and let me know!


  • Holidays: UK or Abroad?

I prefer a holiday abroad, as I love to explore completely new places and cultures, but in the past three years we’ve holidayed with friends in the UK, a Norfolk broads boat trip, a lovely converted barn in Cornwall and then a converted Mill in the peak district. I am also lucky enough to have a father who lives in the Lake District too!

  • Tea or Coffee?

I can’t drink coffee, never have and probably never will. I do love tea, although at the moment due to pregnancy I can’t stomach it, so annoying!

  • What’s your all time favourite TV show?

So hard! I have watched all manner of TV series, from comedy to crime. I am seriously bad at choosing a favourite anything to be honest, but I would have to say I never get tired of episodes of Fraser or Big Bang Theory. For something more serious I loved Dexter and Prison Break.

  • If you could fix one thing in the world, what would it be?

War. There would be no more war, anywhere, ever.

  • If you could have a super power, what would you choose?

I would have the ability to freeze time, I’d get so much more (sleeping) done!

  • If you could go back to one time in your life, when would it be?

Tricky, probably when I was 11-13ish. Everything was so simple back then. 6 weeks of holidays to play outside in, lots of friends, dancing lessons and a few weeks a year at my dads farm (when he lived in Wales) with sheep and my ponies!

  • What would be your perfect Christmas present?

A week in a log cabin with lots of snow outside, with endless amounts of food (that I didn’t have to cook myself) and all my nearest and dearest around me. Also a hot tub.

  • Where did your blog name come from?

I wanted ‘Brighton’ in it, and it just sort of came to me, although when we leave Sussex at some point I’ll have to think of a new name, and I am struggling!

  • Where do you see your blog this time next year?

Still in existence, maybe I’ll have redesigned it again, and maybe it’ll have a new name, who knows?

  • Tell us about your closest friend

I have a lot of close friends, none of which are closer than the others. They’re all special to me in different ways and I’m not sure I could choose one to tell you about over the others! (cop out I know!)

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