Stuff on a Sunday #27

Sunday was lovely and bright, so we headed to Arundel for a walk round Swanbourne lake with the babies and both Nanna and Granny, and Aunty E…which made Athenas day! She actually fell over just as we started walking and was overtired too so she actually got pushed round sat in the carry cot of Arlo’s pram and I carried (and fed) him most of the way round! We saw a family with a tiny puppy in a ring sling too which was amusing! After our walk we had sandwiches and tea in the sun outside a lovely cafe in town then headed home for naps all round!

On Monday after the Health Visitor (two hours late no apology!) I managed to get me and both babies on the train into Brighton with no problems! Arlo is happy in the sling which makes life easier! I met up with my mother and sister in law and then Sam joined us after work, we had an early dinner and drinks in all bar one (where half the menu wasn’t available but we were only told after we ordered, so annoying!) then headed home to carry on with Homeland! We’ve somehow managed to get to halfway through series three since Arlo arrived!

On Tuesday I took Athena to nursery where she had her first hissy fit and there were some (probably crocodile) tears. Reflecting I think its because I had Arlo with me rather than Sam taking her on her own as he had the week before as he was on paternity. She probably realised that I’d be at home with him all day! Nursery said at pick up she was fine as soon as I’d gone and she did blow me kisses as I went! I dropped off Arlo’s registration form at the doctors and met a couple of friends for tea and a catch up then headed home to do some washing/napping!

On Wednesday Sam had a meeting in Brighton so we all drove in together and I caught up with some work colleagues and introduced Arlo to them (as well as grabbing some cheeky breakfast, one of the perks I miss working in a hotel!) Once I’d waylaid the start of their meeting by half an hour I headed off to meet up with some fellow bloggers at the lovely independent baby shop Great Expectations (more to come on that!) It was such a hot day that by the time I’d pushed Athena in her buggy up the hill to the station Arlo and I were soaked through and stuck together in the sling. Athena fell asleep on the train for 20 minutes and woke up as we got home meaning it took her forever to nap again in her cot (after refusing point blank to walk up the stairs and then bumping into a door frame) so needless to say I was hot, bothered and in pain from lifting her up so much!

Thursday was a struggle, although Athena was at nursery I still got nothing done due to Arlo cluster feeding all day and not sleeping for more than fifteen minutes at a time! I wanted to spend the day getting back on top of blog posts but that didn’t happen! We did christen our new smoothie maker tho which was fun! Sam was working his first late shift since we had Arlo so I was on my own for bedtime! Athena had two mini tantrums in the hour between nursery pick up and bedtime and then went to bed fine but wailed on and off for fifteen minutes, as well as Arlo having a moan from his swinging chair too. I was also still in pain around my scar, nasty. A pretty exciting phone call happened to confirm my BritMums Live sponsorship though, and I’ll reveal who it is next week!

Friday and Saturday were lazy days, though we had a lovely visit from Karina and my mum on Friday so we had a good catch up and scoffed some lovely home-made apple and walnut bread that Karina brought with her! Saturday was trying to say the least, I didn’t want to go out because Arlo is still super snuffly, and my c section incision is sore at one end so I didn’t want to aggravate it by over doing it. Instead my mental health suffered a bit as Athena was climbing the walls and in turn testing my (non existent at present) patience, and Arlo cluster fed on and off all day, only having long naps when Athena was wide awake. Athena had also been up at 3am for a little bit as she was really upset about something and woke us both up with her screams! It didn’t help that Sam was doing a shit-shift of 7am to 7pm, so I was on my lonesome with the babies alllllll day! I text him to being me ice cream on his way home from work, and thankfully Athena went to bed with no problems which was a relief! I’m currently writing editing this (I write the post in my phone during the week so I don’t forget what happens!) and then plan to try and get a few more blog posts sorted too!


I only managed to get two posts published this week, Arlo’s birth story, a Natural C section and a post all about our breastfeeding journey over the first two weeks. I don’t even feel that bad about not blogging, as I have been having snuggly squishy cuddles with Arlo, spending time with Athena when I’m not attached to him and you never get these early days and weeks back! That being said I have a few half drafted posts and reviews that I’ve been working on during night feeds so there should be a few more posts next week! I am so glad I am keeping up with these Sunday posts though because they effectively act as a diary!

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5 thoughts on “Stuff on a Sunday #27

  1. i noticed a huge change in P1s behaviour about two weeks after P2s arrival. She was 4, but she her tantrums increased and she generally was naughty. It fizzled out though as she became accustomed to the new routines.

  2. I can not believe how much you’re getting done after a c-section and with a newborn and toddler!
    Sounds like a week of ups and downs, well done on the sponsorship.

  3. I used to work in a nursery and drop off after a siblings arrival were always a lot worse, like you said I think it’s because they think they will miss out!
    Thursday sounds stressful, I’m so glad you had the next couple of days to relax!

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