Stuff on a Sunday: Walks, Gifts & Doors

This week has flown by, and I finally can tell you the correct day of the week when asked, so I’ve come out of the festive mind muddle of not knowing what day it is finally! Athena went back to preschool and has turned into an over tired monster, pushing boundaries and getting cranky. We had an afternoon at soft play yesterday to wear them out so they’d go to bed early so they wouldn’t even know my mum was here babysitting (didn’t work, Arlo was up and down apparently) and Athena cried because we didn’t go to Tesco on the way home! We had a lovely stomp through some woods last weekend (which is where I took my Siblings Project photos) and it was so nice to get out to blow the cobwebs away before the rain and snow arrived later in the week! To be fair the snow didn’t settle in town, but did up on the Downs! 

We went out for our works belated christmas party/Sams leaving party which ended in disaster, but the meal part was lovely! Today we’re not doing anything really, its a bit drizzly and I’m hoping for a nap this afternoon! We might go out for dinner later though as I just can be bothered to cook, so lazy!

I’ve been loving catching up on all the #5MinutesPeace photos on Instagram though, and I’ve been getting lots of positive comments about what a great idea it us to tempt people in to having some ‘me time’ so i’m so pleased I started it up!

So, here’s this weeks #LittleLoves


I started my second book of the year (The Loney) but it’s hard going so I’ve paused it and started a chic lit instead. I’ve also been reading a few weightloss posts as the sight of myself in the mirror is not a happy one at the moment!


I’ve had a bit of a binge this week, I had a laptop free night one night when Sam was at work (a rarity as I use his nights at work to blog) and watched Bridget Jones’ Baby, and the next night watched the film ‘The Best of Me’ which really moved me. I remember reading the book and feeling the same way, it is SO rare for a film to make me feel that upset lump-in-your throat but this one did, even though I remembered what was going to happen. Sam arrived as I was screaming ‘NO! You JUST CANT DO THAT’ at the telly!


Nothing really, apart from the TV! Oh, and children’s radio on spotify or whatever it is that the Amazon Alexa picks it’s music from. Its a mix of action songs, nursery rhymes and Mr Tumble singing, but the kids love it!


Zilch. No interesting meals and nothing else either! My mum did stitch some black lace onto the hem of a dress of mine that had a little un-repairable hole in it though!


Not a strict ‘wear’ really as I’ve not worn anything special but I did attempt to lighten my hair (remember in this post I said I missed my Ombre?) but for some reason my hair just didn’t lighten (well obviously the reason is I didn’t use bleach, but the box said it would lighten on my hair colour and it lied!) so I wasted time and effort doing that, but I have bought some bleach and some different dye so I will attempt it again, probably tomorrow night! I might even manage an outfit pic next week as we’re off out for a works late Christmas dinner tonight!


I was given a really lovely gift for our work secret santa, at first I thought it was a big tin of biscuits (that’s what the tin was originally used for!) but when I opened it up it had a little bottle of wine, loads of lovely bath things, lush and Bayliss & Harding, a lotto ticket and some chocolate! Everything for a pamper night, and boy do i deserve one of those after Sam made a very undignified entrance through our front door at 3am after losing his keys. We have a door bell but he decided putting his arm through the glass was a better way to get in. I was woken up by him climbing into the attic to get some duck tape to fix the hole in the door. I then had to fix his arm and retire back to bed. I did try and persuade him to leave with me at 11pm but he wasn’t having any of it. Needless to say he OWES me many many times over I think!


5 thoughts on “Stuff on a Sunday: Walks, Gifts & Doors

  1. I really need to watch Bridget Jones Baby, I love Bridget Jones! Gutted that I didn’t get to the cinema when it came out. Have seen people talking about The Loney, must check it out but you can’t beat a bit of Chick lit x #littleloves

  2. Oh wow, that really is a lovely Secret Santa gift and…um…YEAH he owes you! Haha! Drunk logic, eh? My son is behaving a lot like Athena now he’s back at preschool too…kids. Hope you had a great weekend 🙂 #LittleLoves

  3. Your secret santa gift sounds so lovely and thoughtful. I love seeing family photos of you guys – you are such a happy family, love you bunch x

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