Stuff on a Sunday #30

This week seems to have flown by, but I don’t seem to have done much so not sure why really! We had a visit from my friend Carla on Sunday, she was visiting from Germany and arrived with German biscuits, and took a lovely photo of me with the babies which is now my new profile picture on everything! We went our for dinner with my Aunt and Uncle who were visiting from Cambridgeshire. Arlo mostly slept through it and Athena decided she didn’t like stringy melted cheese from her Macaroni cheese so spent most of the night pulling it off and flinging it around! For some reason the photo of all our socks seemed popular on instagram, and I admit the size difference does make me chuckle!

On Monday we met my aunt and Uncle again and had a really lovely day strolling round Brighton, along the seafront and to the Foodies Festival on Hove Lawns! It was busier than ever, we had a good stroll round then decided on Hog Roast for lunch and cider from the cider tent! We also picked up some Coconut Oil from Vita Coco along with some olives and picky bits from other stalls. I will attempt to do a proper post on it soon, but I didn’t get to explore quite as much as I wanted to due to having both babies in tow and spending time catching up with my family! Athena enjoyed her first Churros experience too!

IMG_1623 IMG_1642IMG_1630IMG_1652 IMG_1614

Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday were lazy days and Arlo seems to be in his first ‘leap’ according to the Wonder Weeks app which came highly recommended! Basically he wants to be fed or held at all times and refuses to be happy for more than ten minutes at a time when he’s in his chair! We had our check up at the doctor and all is well and I’m allowed to drive again!! Hurrah! Arlo is over 10lbs already too so that’s a relief, my boob juice is doing the job!

Friday was spent starting to pack for our holiday next week, and then we went and explored some woods near by, there’s a proper post about our stroll in the bluebells here!

Saturday was mostly me getting panicky about how on earth we are going to get everything we need into the car (which is a big car as it is!) and deciding that packing everything into small bags is the way forward and then just ramming it into any available space! Turns out when Sam went to fling everything in there was actually plenty of space, once I’d decided which buggy to take! (we decided on the one that our car seat fits onto, so we’re taking the Cosatto with the carry cot and hoping Athena doesn’t need to nap in the buggy at all as we’re not taking the seat part! We’ve got the Manduca carrier for her anyway…

I hope you all had wonderful weeks, I’m not sure how much I’ll be online for next week as I want to enjoy some family time but I’m sure I’ll pop in and out, and will definitely be all over instagram, as usual!

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  1. Love the sock photo! Churro’s are my favourite I’m not surprised she enjoyed them! I’m really stressed about packing too, we have a tiny car and I have a tendency to over pack!

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