Stuff on a Sunday #33

This week has flown by for some reason, and writing this on Saturday night I feel absolutely shattered! I had a nice lie in on Sunday, well ish… Sam took Athena to the car boot so I chilled with Arlo. In the afternoon we did a bit of a house tidy up and unpacked our new memory foam mattress! Like sleeping on a cloud!

Bank Holiday Monday was a lazy morning (Sam was at work) and then a walk along the seafront to meet a friend at the park, which was HEAVING! Clearly THE thing to do on a sunny-ish bank holiday!

Tuesday and Wednesday were nice-ish days, Athena was at nursery on Tuesday and my mum took her to Brighton on Wednesday so it was just Arlo & I, but he pretty much fed all day long without a breather on Wednesday so I didn’t really get much of anything done! Arlo turned 8 weeks old on Tuesday though, and I had a lovely sticky bun from the bakery for breakfast after nursery drop off!

On Thursday we went to a different park and met up with Sophie and her daughter, they had a good old run around and played with some bubbles and a ball which kept them amused for ages! Athena had a nap when we got home, and woke up just after my lovely friend Sjanie brought me round a home cooked curry, with rice and chapatti too! It was such a lovely thing for her to do, especially as that night I was solo as Sam wasn’t in, and had Arlos Jabs early evening. That was pretty horrible as one of the two they do together broke and the needle was stuck in his thigh! He was therefore already upset when they had to do it again, poor little thing! It took him absolutely ages to settle after that so it was 9pm by the time I got to eat the lovely curry, and if I didn’t have that to reheat I would have not eaten a thing!

On Friday morning we were up and out early for Rhyme Time at the library, and then had a cup of tea with a friend and her little boy afterwards. Athena ran riot in the library and the cafe, but thankfully I managed to nap in the afternoon with Arlo when she was asleep! We had a nice afternoon playing with her cars and reading books and once she was in bed Sam and I had a takeaway (well, it was payday!)

IMG_2564 IMG_2660

Saturday was a fun filled day, we met a couple of other Brighton Bloggers for tea and snacks in Pavilion Gardens, and then headed to Funk the Family Festival at Hove Park, which was lots of fun but I’ll write a separate post about that soon!

Next week seems as busy as this one, but Sam has two nights away with work which will be the first time since Arlo arrived! Wish me luck!

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11 thoughts on “Stuff on a Sunday #33

  1. Sounds like a great week! I find that mine always ran riot in the library too – while all the other kids seemed to sit nicely and listen to stories.. no idea why it made them so crazy!

  2. Sounds like a full on week for you! Non-stop! We have had pretty pants weather this week, and its raining as I type! What better way to celebrate a 8 week birthday than a sticky bun! Yum.. Popping over from #TWTWC linky

  3. OMG I can’t believe that about the needle. Horrendous for an adult who knows what’s happening, never mind a poor child. Don’t you just love seeing the face of your child when they see bubbles. Also seems to bring out the kid in me to be honest! Have a good week #myweekataglance

  4. Ash a nice week ? curry sound lush!! Bubbles and a ball seem to keep W occupied these days too! Thanks for linking up #myweekataglance

  5. I am very jealous fi your new mattress! Poor Arlo with that needle, how horrid for you both. I hope he was okay after his jabs, they just made Oliver really sleepy. I’m looking forward to reading about that festival
    Hope your having a fab week 🙂
    Becky xx

  6. The sticky bun looks delicious and the pic of your baby sleeping. Omg soooooo cute!!!! I miss when mine slept like that. So precious. Now they are just loud 🙂 Great post!

  7. What a lovely sounding week (except for that horrible incident with the jabs… poor baby!). Love the sleeping face – those lips! – and that cinnamon roll looks divine! Thanks for joining #myweekataglance

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