Stuff on a Sunday #35

20150619_230604Last Sunday was a lazy morning although I felt shattered due to Arlo waking up numerous times and then Sam getting up at 5am to go snowboarding! After a snooze (all of us!) Skye came to visit and we had a little stroll around town the hit up the park for Athena to burn off some energy!

Monday was playgroup day and ‘get stuff done’ day although not much got done really apart from a meal plan which we didn’t stick to… Tuesday however I really did get things done! We both dropped Athena at nursery then Sam headed off for his last day at his current hotel… sadly he didn’t get home till almost midnight! I on the other hand managed to do SO MUCH. It helped that Arlo had two fairly long naps on his own but I got lots of blog posts scheduled, answered a bunch of emails and even did some tie dye! Also, GOT finale episode WHAT!!?


Wednesday was a bit crap for Sam as an emergency dentist appointment resulted in a wisdom tooth extraction. Once he’d recovered from the shock we headed up to the new Dinosaur Island playpark for lunch and a run around. Athena was in a really grizzly mood all day, refusing to eat or walk more than 2 steps in the right direction but she soon cheered up when we got to the park! Sam had his leaving do for work in the evening and I felt shattered and a bit stressed after shower with Athena (who hates showers now too it seems) so went to bed with Arlo early. I managed two hours before I woke up with awful stomach pains & didn’t get back to sleep for ages!

I still felt crap all Thursday, thankfully my mum took Athena out for a few hours so Sam and I could blitz the house a bit and attempt to tidy up a bit with just one little person around. I even managed a little nap and felt a bit better when I woke! I packed my bags for BritMums, and chilled out in the bath with Arlo.


Friday was a lovely cooked breakfast at a local cafe before Arlo and I headed off up to London, leaving Sam and Athena to spend the weekend with each other! I’d also booked a cleaner to come and blast the kitchen and our bathrooms because I was so fed up with not finding the time or energy to really get them clean. I decided for a relatively small amount of money it would make me feel less off a failure as a ‘homemaker’ & give me a bit of incentive to keep things neat and clean going forwards. Arlo and I had an uneventful train journey until he did this sat on my lap…


After a not so swift clean up job at King’s Cross stations baby change we were on our way to our hotel to check in! Brit Mums was an amazing experience but I’ll talk about that in another post!


4 thoughts on “Stuff on a Sunday #35

  1. I am stull upset about Jon Snow!! On my that is a poonami!! Love the photo of Arlo next to the biscuits. Good idea on the cleaner front, I keep thinking about it although I don’t have an excuse of having a new baby!
    Have a lovely week,
    Becky xx

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