Stuff on a Sunday #37



On Sunday I woke up to a glorious sunrise over London from the 7th floor of my hotel, I realised Arlo was still asleep next to me so I rolled over and snoozed some more! We were in a hotel because we had been at BritMums the day before (you can read about what changes I’m planning on making here) So we headed off for brunch with my best chum Emily and her boyfriend who I’d not met before! He is lovely, very chatty and an architect! We went for a stroll round the Barbican after brunch, he was in architect heaven but both Emily and I don’t really see the beauty in the concrete metropolis! I got the train home after than and had a joyful reunion with Athena who had missed me it seems!


On Monday it rained, but we headed to a playgroup anyway although I wish we’d not bothered as Athena was very emotional over everything! Tuesday was an Athena-at-Nursery day and I got a fair bit done at home, as well as lunch out with Sam and Arlo and a Sainsburys food shop! Arlo turned 12 weeks old on Tuesday too!


We visited a park a little walk away on Wednesday and met up with my friend Harri and her gorgeous little boy who is about three months older than Arlo. Athena loved pushing the roundabout round and round and then got a bit freaked out when she realised how high she’d climbed on the climbing frame! We walked home and I expected her to fall asleep but nope, not a chance! Instead we popped into the Attachment Parenting group and had a little chat with two other mums whilst our various offspring wrecked the joint and threw toys all over! Athena had a nice late nap at 2pm for two hours so I managed a kip too!


Thursday was another playgroup (get me! told you I was going to make an effort when Arlo arrived!) and then my dear mother came over in the afternoon to take Athena out for a bit and she was also on bed and bath duty too as Sam was meant to be working late but didn’t in the end anyway! I trotted off to the Posh Totty Party (read about it here!) with Sophie and had a bloody lovely time (Arlo came too!)

Friday was a pretty awesome day too, I met up with Emily who I know through instagram, but she also has a blog that I am encouraging her to keep up, it’s here! She is lovely, as is her son who is a year or so older than Athena! We spent time chatting at the park before Sam came to pick me up and we went to Shoreham to look at boats and planes! I’ll share photos from Friday separately though as I took a few!

IMG_3427 IMG_3410

On Saturday we spent some time in town, with a pushchair each although Arlo ended up in the sling anyway so his buggy ended up full of house details! Yep, we’re tentatively looking to buy a house! Thankfully all the estate agents are pretty much all along one road so we just weaved in and out of them giving them our details, and have made two appointments with Mortgage advisors for next week! Athena had a nap for a couple of hours so Sam and I sat outside for a bit (plus the wee one, of course!) then we went to the funfair that’s in town for a few days! Athena braved the waltzers, which was very impressive of her! I took my new wrap out for a spin, it still needs a lot of breaking in but I love it! It’s a size 6 so there’s more of it than I’m used to! We came home with a giant purple ball that smells of grapes and a beany baby pig that Sam won for Athena!

Overall it’s been a pretty lovely week, if a little hot! The bloke doing the weather on the tellybox this morning said to expect 33 degrees next week! I’m hibernating if that’s the case!

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