I’ve been a bit slack on the Sunday update posts really, the last one was in September I think! In my defence nothing really exciting has happened, and sometimes when I think back over the past week it’s just a blur of bedtimes, playgroups and park trips. This last week however has been really long, stressful and tiring with a couple of highlights!

Arlo got sick last weekend, a streaming snotty cold, a tooth that just wouldn’t push through even though it’s partner had arrived almost 2 weeks before and a cough that turned into croup for a day. He was also being sick at frequent intervals and struggling with wind and arching his back at any given moment meaning I almost dropped him several times!

FInally now after several days of almost no sleep I thought he was on the mend after sleeping for a lot of Saturday! However after last night I’m now not so sure… ce la vie! I hope he’s better by tomorrow as having him and Athena to entertain was a bit testing as we had to get out and about to keep her happy but really he needed to just be sat asleep on my lap where he felt safest! Babywearing has been super handy for managing to get dinner done though several times this week!

2015-11-07 18.25.33 2015-11-07 19.00.02

2015-11-07 18.58.55
2015-11-07 19.14.54

We did however end the week with a great evening out at Shoreham Bonfire night, Athena absolutely loves the fireworks and was shouting out “POP POP BANG” as they went off, and was quite happy to be right next to the bonfire (behind the security fence of course, health n safety and all that!) until her face was bright pink from the heat! Arlo was nonplussed about the whole thing really and just watched from the safety of the carrier on my front!

It really does go to show how much everything gets pushed aside when one of your children is ill, my to do list is as long as my arm and I have so many emails that i’ve not opened I’m actually tempted to just delete everything and start again next week (or maybe the week after!) and do you know what? I actually feel a bit better myself for having a slower week!

I’m off to do a food shop now to buy food for a roast dinner tonight! Have a lovely day too…

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