Stuff on a Sunday: Operations & father Christmas

I forgot to write a post last Sunday so this will just be a bit of a bumper post of whatever I can remember! I am also taking a ‘day off’ from social media as I want to make the most of a family day with a bit of Christmas prep!

  • Over a week ago now Arlo had an operation to take out seven teeth under general anaesthetic. He was absolutely fine and up and eating a sandwich within fifteen minutes of waking up! I was hoping for a nice couple of quiet days with him being extra sleepy and wanting snuggles but nope, didn’t happen!
  • Athena has been spending a lot of time practising her songs for the nativity play, which is on Tuesday. We also met ‘Santan’ at a local school Christmas fete where I somehow haemorrhaged almost £20 on raffles, crafts and mince pies! I’ve hastily cobbled together an angel outfit for her so expect pictures next week!
  • I’ve had the snuffles for what seems like forever now. I desperately want to be healthy for Christmas!
  • I managed to nab the last 23rd December food delivery slot, so no mad dash round Tesco for me!  You watch; now I’ll get a load of weird substitutions and Christmas dinner will be a mishmash of things! I also finished present shopping, I’ve started some wrapping but need to do the majority of it and then get stuff in the post!
  • We moved Arlo’s cot away from my side of the bed, to the other side of the room as it was right next to the radiator, it was pushed up to our bed acting as a co-sleeper but we’ve put it against the wall with a bed guard now so he’s ‘on his own’! Though he’s still in the room with us so he’s not really on his own, but till he’s stopped waking up in the night he won’t be going in to share with Athena! He is waking a lot less than before though which means I am getting more of my evenings to myself!
  • We’ve not put any decorations up yet as we’re waiting for new carpets to be fitted on Wednesday, though I have bought some new ones this year as I am fairly certain I accidentally chucked a box out when we cleared my mums garage out, whoops! The kids have also been embracing Christmas jumpers and festive leggings!

 father christmas

So it’s been a quiet couple of weeks really, I’ve been working hard with lots of social scheduling for my clients so I can have a bit of a break over Christmas, and I plan to be blogging a whole lot less till January! 

Happy Sunday!






2 thoughts on “Stuff on a Sunday: Operations & father Christmas

  1. I didn’t realise Arlo was having his op. Hope he stays being fine by the whole thing – poor little dude. I can’t wait to see your new carpets – love new carpet! And it’ll be so lovely when your tree is up x

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