Stuff on a Sunday #16

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The weeks are flying by, it seems like barely days since I last wrote a ‘Stuff on a Sunday’ post, however this is being written on a shiny new laptop, tres exciting! But more on that later!

Last Sunday was a bit of an arse, Sam had really bad abdominal pains, and had been having them for a couple of days, he went to work in the morning but rang NHS direct or whatever they are now, who said ‘oh might be appendicitis’ and made him an appointment at the hospital for that afternoon. I went along with him with a bag packed just in case, but after a series of tests they said it wasn’t, although they weren’t sure what it was… thankfully now a week later all the pain has cleared up, which is a relief!

Monday was an errand sort of day, I had a lot of ebay bits finishing on the Sunday night so we needed to post them, and as Sam was on a late shift that day we had a family stroll round town so he could pick up some bits and bobs for his holiday, do the boring post office and then have a Costa date. Athena enjoyed her first Babycino, whilst I hung my head in shame at buying her one! We took Athena on reins rather than the buggy, which meant we didn’t get anywhere fast! We also got waylaid by pigeons for ten minutes (though she calls them “DUCKS!!”) Madam had a nice long nap when we got home (walking tires her out it seems!) so I got caught up with some blog emails and wrote a few posts up before she woke up.

On Tuesday to Thursday I worked, nothing thrilling there really apart from some snow on Tuesday, and then being given a gorgeous bouquet of flowers from one of the contractors at work who I won’t see again (i’m off work next week and that’s his last week, he’s been working at my hotel since August!)  which was very sweet of him, if a little hard to get home on the train and then with the buggy after nursery pick up!

On Friday I turned 30 weeks pregnant! Hurrah! Ten weeks to go… I had to go back to the blimming post office because someone didn’t pay for their item till Wednesday (won on Sunday, argh… why do people do that!) and I couldn’t get there before as I was working, but serendipity struck and I popped into a couple of charity shops on the way home and found a Christmas jumper for new baby for next year for a pound! I also made an effort with my nails and makeup whilst Athena napped that afternoon, then promptly fell asleep myself smudging an eye, whoops! My mum babysat for Athena that night so Sam and I could go out for a Birthday Dinner with 12 of my nearest and dearest friends! We were sat at a huge round table with a Lazy Susan in the middle, so not only could we all hear and talk to each other, we had great fun spinning it around so people missed what they were going for! I do love my chums!20150123_200902

Saturday was my Birthday! Hurrah! A nice lie in, home made croissants (Well, out of a tin) and some family cuddles was how we started the day, then Sam took Athena out to ‘collect his gloves from work’. This was actually a decoy as he was going to collect a brand spanking new faster-than-a-fast-thing laptop for my birthday present! Completely unexpected as a) we don’t normally buy each other gifts and b) it is far too generous! But he had listened to me moan about my old laptop switching itself off at random, running out of storage space and getting so hot you could roast marshmallows on! The new one is not only silky to the touch (so important in a laptop haha) but has a super wide screen, a terabyte of storage and amazing graphics and sound cards. Oh and it has a glowy red keyboard for night time typings! It also does not burn my knees! My screen saver is the first photo of us as a family of three, cheesy eh?

During Athena’s excessively long nap (3 hours?!) we chucked out a load of accumulated crap that we’d been meaning to do, watched an episode of The Mentalist and then both napped! Our old housemate from a couple of years ago popped round for a few hours as we’d not seen her in yonks, which was lovely (plus she brought me an awesome jar of sweets!) then we had a stirfry for dinner. Sam has now headed to bed as he’s being picked up for his snowboarding holiday at a ridiculously early hour tomorrow morning, and I am going to go and have a bubble bath with a new book. Bliss, before a week of solo parenting!

Wishing everyone a super happy and warm Sunday (apart from Sam as he is going to be in the Alps, so hopefully pretty chilly!) as I’m off to soft play and lunch with Athena friend ‘ecca’ (aka Jessica) and her mum! Then home to transfer everything over from my old laptop when it’s baby bedtime!

5 thoughts on “Stuff on a Sunday #16

  1. Happy belated birthday! What a fantastic birthday present. I have always been intrigued by babychinos? I thought they were just frothy milk… what exactly are they? I keep meaning to pop some stuff on ebay especially as I am decluttering the house. I agree that it must be annoying when ppl don’t pay right away! By the way – love the photo you set for your homescreen. I love discovering new blogs via #TWTCW. Going to go read your birth story (I love them!) I have a linky for them if you are interested.

  2. HAPPY BIRTHDAY again! 🙂 Your laptop looks awesome and I had that same head hung in shame at LP’s first babycino but she has had loads now, I think even Little Man has head one if it makes you feel any better. Yay for selling stuff on eBay but boo to the non paying or paying late people – rubbish! Have a lovely week, if solo parenting gets on your wick you know where we are! x

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