Maternity style: Monochrome

The vast majority of my maternity wardrobe seems to be in varying shades of black. This wasn’t the case last time but I sold anything that wasn’t breast-feeding friendly pretty much as we were moving house and I wanted to get rid of it! However I quite like black, it’s easy to accessorise and can all go in the same washing load!

  This is one of my current favourite outfits, even if it’s a bit pattern-tastic!

  • Jeans: H&M Mama around £19.99 from memory
  • Top: Asos Maternity £8 in the sale
  • Cardigan: F&F (bought for £6 in last years sale!)

The jeans are the only pair I own with an over the bump waistline, and I find they dig in less around my bladder area so I’m more comfortable in them than the under-the-bump styles. They’re also made of a super soft to the touch material, and have a ridged detailed around the knees that annoyingly doesn’t really show up in the photos.

The top, although not strictly breastfeeding friendly will still look great post-baby and be baggy enough for me to wear a vest top underneath to be able to feed comfortably. I think the two sizes of stripes adds a bit of uniqueness too, plus the pattern is the same on the reverse, and horizontal stripes are fine when you’ve got a big bump I reckon!

The cardigan although not maternity is baggy and comfy and often find to wear as a coat for little trips, though annoyingly no pockets! These photos were taken a couple of weeks ago at 28 weeks.

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7 thoughts on “Maternity style: Monochrome

  1. I love that top, it will definitely work for feeding in my opinion as I find I prefer baggy tops that pull up easily anyway. But black is always my go-to color, and so I’m loving this look.

  2. This is gorgeous Lauren! I want to steal that top off you 🙂 Love the mix of patterns, I always think it works so well in monochrome

  3. You made me laugh when you said about it all going in the same wash, that is such a mum thing to say, but soooooo true! I’m loving your maternity style here, and I love the clashing patterns they work well together. Thanks for linking xxx #streetstylesunday

  4. It is so important to feel comfy when pregnant. I remember wearing a lot of black and white. I love the clash of prints. I can see a pop of pink on your nails looking good too! Thank you for linking up to #StreetStyleSunday x

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