Sunday was a bright but chilly day, and after an early morning chai latte and muffin with Chelle we took a lovely stroll through Brighton and along the seafront, where Athena and Fizz (Chelle’s daughter) played on the pebbles and guilt tripped me into paying for them to go on the car rides!

After that I had a quick whizz round the shops (tiger mainly!) & then headed to Carluccios for Brunch with Skye, KatieRosie, & Sophie. In very un-blogger behaviour I took zero photos but I will say that my pancakes with berries and honey were delicious! We had a nice catch up as some of us hadn’t met up for months! Once we were suitably stuffed I drove a napping baby home where Sam had returned from his snowboarding holiday and was shovelling things into the washing machine and showing us head cam footage of him on the slopes even though he really shouldn’t have been with his busted elbow! We went for a little stroll to the park as a family too before it got dark.


On Monday Sam got sent by his GP to A&E for more xrays which meant he was there for hours waiting to see various people, and still has to return on Monday for another opinion! We went for a carvery in the late afternoon, and kept Athena amused with ice cubes for a while after she’d finished her dinner! She loved putting them in her mouth, chasing them round the high-chair tray and generally making a mess!

Tuesday and Wednesday were normal work days for me, but a bit busier than normal as I’d been off the previous week and the person who I share the role with was also on holiday… Thursday was spent doing note taking at another hotel (hand writing 18 a4 lined pages is not something I have done for many years and I got a lot of cramp!) I did get a lot of reading done though on my trains to and from work, and finished Elizabeth is Missing.

After work on Thursday I met up with Skye for a little stroll round the shops and a drink, then headed for Meat liquor for dinner! I’ll do a full review soon but needless to say I left stuffed and struggled to get up to the train station, though possibly because I had fallen over earlier and my ankle was pretty painful (I’m blaming pregnancy clumsiness… it’s a thing you know!)

Friday was a feet up day, mainly to rest my ankle but also because my only maternity coat needed a wash! Athena decided she wanted a nap and took herself off to stand next to her cot which was sweet! Whilst she napped I made some apple & cinnamon cake and another load of washing then had a kip too. After a quick bath I stuffed all the cloth nappies and Sam and I watched The interview. It was actually pretty funny, although I love James Franco so probably would’ve liked it anyway! We also took delivery of the lovely mid sleeper bed that I won in Abi’s competition! We’re not going to be using it right away though but I’m really excited to get it up once both kids are sharing a room as there will be so much storage space underneath that will come in so handy! I turned 32 weeks pregnant, and Athena 20 months old!


Saturday was another lazy day, partly because the buggy was in the back of the car and I didn’t want to walk with Athena in a sling all the way to town on a dodgy ankle! We did manage a little stroll down the road to wait for Sam to pick us up and go and do a food shop after he finished work though! This cat (called Dior according to her collar) was SO friendly, even with Athena shouting ‘meOWWWWWW’ at it, and followed us half way down the road jumping from wall to wall! We managed to watch half of Gone Girl before admitting tiredness and heading to bed at 9.30pm. Rock and Roll I tell you! This pregnancy is really starting to conk me out and I am more exhausted than I ever remember being last time round, even though I was working 50 odd hours a week still at this point, I guess I didn’t have a toddler to contend with too!

So, another week has flown by! I need some more book recommendations please if you would be so kind!

As ever, linking up to Hannah’s #TWTWC!

4 thoughts on “Stuff on Sunday #18

  1. Not only do you have the toddler in tow but very busy weeks too from the sound of it! I only just discovered Chai Latte having been so set in my choices and am totally hooked! xx

  2. A lovely week! Your poor ankle though – pregnancy clumsiness is definitely a thing – especially where ankles are concerned! Your photos are making me miss Brighton and Sussex SO MUCH!

    Thanks for linking up to #TWTWC xx

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