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As you may have noticed if you read this blog frequently, I like to day dream about home interiors, and put together mood boards, wish lists and various other collections of homey type things… in the hopes that one day money and space will be no object! My current obsession is soft furnishings… it all started when I thought I wanted a chevron print rug, and then fell down a rabbit hole of various other things!

As we live in a rented flat I am trying to keep the cream carpets as clean as possible, and find covering them with rugs an easy way to do so, and also to inject a bit of style into a room. Both the rugs above are from the Wayfair website. Both grey and both available in different sizes (at not extortionate prices either!) I’m just currently trying to persuade Sam that grey is a nice colour and will go in pretty much any room in the future! The chevron print cushions are from Wayfair too, and there are so many different colour combinations that really I just want one of each and to fill a room with them!

The patchwork sofa and chair I found on the Newman & Bright website, and although they’re an acquired taste for some, I love them! I think they’d work really well in a neutrally decorated room so they were the main focal point, and the fact that you can choose a leather sofa in this style means it’s not only baby/toddler/messy husband friendly, but will last for ever and look good as it ages! My mum still has a leather sofa that was her mums, and it is the most comfy thing ever!

Our curtains living room curtains are fairly heavy and dark, I’m toying with the idea of getting rid of them them in favour of some voiles, although that wouldn’t give us much privacy… Perhaps something with more of a pattern? I like the simple but effective designs on the Harry Corry site, the Ambleside style even sort of mimics one of the patterns on the rug!

No home is complete without at least 3 throws in my mind, more if possible! I love the look of the chunky cable knit throw (though cream may not be the best option in my house, but it does come in a darker grey too) and then I spotted the eiderdown in the vintage postcard print and thought it would double up really nicely as a pretty play mat for the babies too! Both of these are Throws by Yorkshire Linens.

So, do point me in the direction of any other funky throws or cushions that you’ve seen around, or recently indulged in. Oh, and wish me luck in persuading Sam into liking the idea of a grey patterned rug!


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