20160204_113706We arrived home from our holiday and got a lovely extended sort-of-holiday as Sam had to use up some more annual leave so had another week off work. He went back on friday just gone and Athena has asked where he is about three times a day since! She really loved having him around, as did I.

We had a lazy day (unpacked, washed and put away all out holiday clutter) then a busy errand sort of day (with a family costa break) and a lovely day in Brighton where we had not only dinner out but lunch too! I also did a bit of kids clothes shopping in the Zara sale (hello £30 jacket reduced to 9.99) and we trialled a new stroller from Little Tikes too!


On Thursday Sam took the kids to playgroup instead of me and I had a very long overdue haircut and a slice of brownie and a pot of tea all by myself! I got back to both babes asleep and Sam with his feet up, he makes it look so easy! I’ve not worn makeup or done anything nice with my hair since I had it done but I’m doing an outfit post this week so you’ll see it then!
I spent Saturday waiting in for my new laptop to be delivered, but of course no sign of it and no word of why it didn’t come, after being promised it as a replacement as Currys have had mine since November! They’ve also managed to lose my recovered data and give me someone else’s in the meantime. Completely ridiculous catalogue of errors which it seems is STILL not over. I am SO FED UP with blogging from my phone, I want to be able to format posts properly, update my layout and generally DO THINGS!

We also got the pack of details and surveys etc of the flat we are trying to buy, as we’ll be freeholders we are liable for 50% of costs for upkeep to the property and the freeholder has arranged quotes for a new roof etc that comes to 11k, so that’s k on top of the house price itself. This is out first time as home buyers, are we within our rights to see if we can get the purchase price knocked down to cover these costs!? Help!


Post holiday blues summed up in a photo!

I’m off to a first birthday party later today, and then will take some photos for an instagram sale of some clothes the kids have grown out of, if people think that’s a good idea? ebay is so annoying at the moment, the app is naff and the fees are irritating too and other people tend to do quite well on instagram so fingers crossed! I’ll update my normal account (belledubrighton) with details but hope to have some bits live on Monday night.

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