Style: Choosing an Eternity Ring

It is always important to find ways to show your love for your partner no matter how long you have been together. One of the greatest ways to do this is with an eternity ring – a ring that is a token of everlasting love and the eternity that a couple will share together.

Photo by Christin Hume on Unsplash

What are They?

Eternity rings date all the way back to Egyptian times and they are still very popular today. Traditionally, they are a band of precious metal set with a continuous line of identically cut gemstones that are meant to symbolize never-ending love. These rings can also come with gemstones across the face of the ring only as it can be cumbersome to wear a ring with diamonds all the way around.


When to Give an Eternity Ring

Eternity rings could be given to a partner at any time in their relationship. Traditionally, however, they are given 10 years after marriage or another milestone anniversary. This is to signify the time that you have spent together, as well as your unending future together. They are also known to be given after the birth of the couple’s first child to represent the eternal circle of life.


Although these are the traditional times to present an eternity ring, many couples in today’s day and age give eternity rings simply at an important moment in their relationship and when they believe they have become a family. People will often wear it on the ring finger of the left hand, but it is also common to see it on the ring finger on the right hand (especially if they are already wearing a wedding ring).

Choosing an Eternity Ring

Much like shopping for an engagement and wedding ring, picking out an eternity ring can be extremely difficult as it is such an important decision and precious item. If your partner is already wearing rings on their ring finger then you should look to match these styles. A few options to consider are half or full ring, the width, setting style, coloured gemstones and metal. This will all depend on your partner, so look at their jewellery collection or perhaps ask their friend for help. Alternatively, if it is not a surprise then you could shop for an eternity ring together.


An eternity ring is a wonderful way to show your everlasting love for your partner. Whether it is your wedding anniversary, the birth of your first child or any other important moment in your relationship, this ring is an important symbol that your partner will forever cherish.



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