Style: Clothing tips for fashion-conscious 30 something Women

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Hitting thirty doesn’t mean you have to tone down your sense of fun when it comes to fashion. By now you’ve evolved your own style, have a greater sense of wisdom and maturity, and are growing in confidence – these are good attributes by the way, and it definitely doesn’t mean you have to be boring with your attire.

When it comes to fashion, your thirties are a blessing. In fact, breathe a sigh of relief and be thankful that there will be no more fashion disasters to look back on. From here on in, your classic, chic look and confident dressing will be turning heads wherever you go.

In case you need a helping hand to get your wardrobe in order, take a look at my top clothing tips for the 30-year-old fashionista.

Invest in these wardrobe staples

Now is the perfect time to take your fashion choices to the next level. From age thirty onwards you need to look your best at all times (casual can also look chic by the way). No more shabby, cheap jeans and graphic tees. There are in fact at least 20 clothing items you should own by the time you are thirty years old.

Here are my must-haves:

  1. At least two pairs of stylish trousers to suit your shape (check out Robell)


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  1. At least two chic blouses
  2. A Brora cashmere
  3. Expensive flats (at least two pairs – ballerinas and loafers)
  4. Gorgeous heels
  5. To die-for ankle boots (on trend and your best-friend come rain or shine)
  6. A stylish trench (haven’t you always wanted a Burberry?)
  7. A pencil skirt (here’s how to wear one)
  8. Expensive tights (Wolford are the only way to go)
  9. THE handbag of your dreams (go wild, this is an investment bag)
  10. A fun-patterned midi-dress
  11. A black midi skirt (or dress)
  12. A selection of chic silk scarves
  13. Forever jewellery pieces, including some real diamond studs (the epitome of understated elegance)
  14. A Crombie wool coat for winter


Source: Crombie Wool Coat


  1. A structured blazer
  2. A good pair of ‘boyfriend’ denim jeans (not low-rise)
  3. Some gorgeous camisoles

Aim to have no more than 50 clothing pieces, including some cotton long and short-sleeved tops for layering.

Ditch low-quality

In your teens and even in your twenties you can be forgiven for donning the latest high-street fashion clothing. But, reach thirty and it’s time for a new chapter when it comes to quality and style in your wardrobe.

At thirty, your wardrobe only has room for timeless classics and a few fun, but chic pieces. Ditch your low-quality clothing (not in the landfill though – give it to charity, turn into cleaning cloths, or pass on to your friends and younger siblings).

Did you know that stylish women have very few clothes? It’s true. Invest in a few game-changing pieces that you can mix and match. The capsule wardrobe is the way to go. And you can look stylish at home too. Invest in a silk gown.


Reconsider your clothing ethics

Now is also a good time to review your clothing ethics. The fact is high-street fashion is plagued with issues of quality and ethics. As a now mature member of society, it’s time you took the reins and put more thought into the clothes you are buying. Spending extra on clothing not only bags you better quality it gives you the opportunity to place a tick in your ‘responsible human being’ box.

Eco-cottons, fair-trade fashion and ethical supply chains matter. With your new-found maturity, why not embrace your thirty-something wardrobe makeover as a conscious consumer! See some ethical shopping tips here.

Go age-appropriate

You’ll be relieved to hear that crop tops, tiny skirts and skimpy denim shorts are no longer appropriate. Leave skimpy and Bo-Ho to the teens. Quite frankly, you shouldn’t have been wearing these in your late twenties anyway!

Reaching age thirty is probably the biggest milestone when it comes to age-appropriate dressing. Upping the dress-sense game when we reach thirty seems to be weirdly programmed into our DNA. Not really, but I swear something happens to us overnight when we hit three-zero! Anyhow, there is definitely a new list of dress styles to avoid when you finally grow up.

And remember, less is more when it comes to style. Don’t try too hard. Your outfits need to look understated, refined and effortless. If you haven’t a clue where to start, check out these over-30 style bloggers. You’ll be a confident and accomplished fashionista with the perfect over-30s capsule wardrobe in no time!


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