Style Guide: Denim Leggings

Denim leggings are a wardrobe staple every woman needs in her closet. They’re ultra-comfy, stretchy, and offer flexibility and freedom of movement. They also curve around the hips, thighs, and calves to create a longer and lovelier silhouette. And because most denim or jean leggings often have features similar to authentic jeans, like pockets, belt loops, and metal buttons, they’re also stylish enough to suit different events. Whether you’re looking for a laidback outfit for casual occasions or want something more chic and fab for work or date nights, denim leggings are an excellent option.

If you want to wear your denim leggings more often, you can come up with a number of creative ways to pair them with other items in your wardrobe. You should also learn how to make the most of these comfortable, stretchy, and figure-flattering pants. Follow this guide to help you incorporate denim leggings into your daily outfits so you can wear them with confidence.

Look for the Perfect Fit and Shade

Before you start thinking about styling, you should first ensure that your denim leggings fit you perfectly and are in colors that flatter you most. Otherwise, the wrong cut and color will likely not work out despite your efforts to style them well. To find jean leggings that suit you best, try a few pairs and observe how they feel and look as you wear them. If they’re too constricting, uncomfortable, baggy, short, or long, they’re most likely the wrong fit. 

Denim leggings that fit you right should feel soft and comfortable even when you’re moving. They should also hug your legs, hips, and behind just right, have a high and wide waistband to smooth and control the tummy area, and end just above your ankles. As for color, your best bet is to go for darker shades for versatility and a slimming effect.

Combine with Flattering Tops 

While denim leggings probably pair well with just about anything in your closet, some tops are more flattering and stylish than others. As a general rule, jean leggings pair well with loose, flowy, or oversized tops, as the volume balances the tight fit on the lower body. This combination creates a harmonious and more polished appearance. 

Are you going for a casual look? Pair your denim leggings with t-shirts, slouchy sweaters, hoodies, linen tunics, and plain-colored button-down shirts. You can wear them as is for a laid-back vibe or do a French front tuck to give your look a new dimension and appeal effortlessly. To add sophistication to these outfits, consider layering with long coats, structured blazers, trench coats, and stylish jackets. 

You can also go for off-shoulder tops, asymmetrical blouses, paneled blouses, trapeze blouses, and peplum tops to add variety to your ensembles. These blouses have stylish cuts and designs that can complement any figure and help create chic outfits that you can wear to the office or at semi-formal events.  

Create Different Vibes with the Right Shoes

Denim leggings are versatile. You can readily dress them up or down depending on the type of shoes you wear. That’s why you should select the most suitable footwear when planning your jean legging outfits, as it’s crucial for bringing the look together. If you need help matching shoes to your outfit, here are several shoe options that pair well with denim leggings:

  • Flat shoes. If you want to exude a feminine, elegant, and stylish vibe but don’t like to wear heels, pair your denim leggings outfit with neutral-colored pointed leather flats, as they look classy and chic. But if you’re going for something more casual, you can opt for ballet flats for a laid-back yet graceful appearance.
  • Sneakers. White canvas or leather sneakers are your best bet when you want to keep your denim leggings outfit casual and comfortable. They go well with the classic plain t-shirt or button-down shirt and jean leggings combination—perfect for traveling, meeting friends for coffee, and other informal occasions.
  • Heels. To create ensembles that you can wear to work, romantic dinners, and fancy venues, opt for pointed heels that complement the color of your jean leggings, as they can help give an illusion of slimmer and longer legs. When you wear elegant-looking heels, you can readily elevate any denim leggings outfit to suit dressier occasions.
  • Boots. Whether you prefer ankle boots or knee-length pairs, boots are always a great go-to option when wearing denim leggings. Opt for knee-highs during winter to keep you warm, cozy, and stylish despite the cold weather. For the rest of the year, choose ankle boots to look sleek and fashionable.

Get Creative

While it’s true that flowy and oversized tops pair well with denim leggings, it shouldn’t stop you from thinking outside the box and finding other combinations that work. If you have dresses that you can’t wear on their own because they’re too short, perhaps you can wear them with jean leggings. Or maybe you can add a belt to a long cardigan to create a unique top for your denim leggings. 

Don’t be afraid to experiment. Pair your versatile stretchy pants with whatever you have in your closet, and you’ll probably be surprised to discover fabulous combinations that look great on you.


Denim leggings look great on their own, but you can further elevate them to look even more fashionable by finding the most suitable tops and footwear and using proper styling. If you want to ensure these comfy and figure-flattering pants work to your advantage, use the style tips above as a guide and inspiration to create different looks that express your unique personality. 


Collaborative post. Photo by Karsten Winegeart on Unsplash