Summer Activities for the Whole Family – from the Young to the Old

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Summer gives us the perfect opportunity to enjoy lots of time together as a family. However, when you start trying to find things to do that the whole family will enjoy, it can all become rather stressful. How do you keep the little toddlers entertained while making sure your grandparents are OK?

Fear not because I’ve put together some of the top multigenerational activities you can do:

Trip to the Beach

A great way to enjoy a relaxing day together is to head to the local beach with your bucket and spade, some deckchairs and a picnic. The kids will entertain themselves for hours on end in the sand while the oldies can enjoy a good catch up and picnic while watching the world go by.

Plus, if you have teenagers or older children who won’t be too thrilled about playing in the sand, a lot of seaside resorts have arcades and theme parks that they’re sure to love.

Head to a Park

Much like the above, you might also want to head to your local nature park for a day out. Get the kids running around playing cricket (or host a competitive family game), enjoy a picnic and spend the day just embracing the great outdoors.

When you’re in natural areas with woodlands you’ll be surprised at just how much entertainment the kids will find for themselves, whether that’s building dens or playing games. And as adults, it’s lovely to just sit back and relax while watching the kids play.

Just be sure to consider your elderly relatives here, ensuring they have the right footwear from places like Mobility Solutions and that there’s the access they need if you’re heading to cafes, restaurants etc.

Enjoy a Day at Home

Obviously, all of the above relies on the Great British weather, which, as we know, is anything but predictable.

So, if you’re worried that rain may stop play, why not host a family day at home? Even though this might seem stressful as it’ll be down to you to entertain people, the varied space and things you have on offer at home will keep everyone busy without any trouble.

Organise crafts and indoor games for the kids (even the grandparents might enjoy getting involved in this) and set up a relaxed area for the adults to enjoy a few drinks and nibbles.

You could even finish off the day with a family film night by seating all the older adults and adding cushions and beanbags to the floor for the younger adults and kids.

Equally, if the weather does stay nice for you, you can move a lot of the activities and fun outside – even creating an outdoor cinema if you’re feeling adventurous!

Ultimately, enjoying a day out as a family need not be stressful. Rather, you just need to ensure that there will be something for everyone to do (and that everyone will have what they need). Then, once everyone’s gathered together the hours will whizz by and you’ll all have a ball.

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