Sunday Scrapbook – Tears & Mud & My Birthday

Urgh this week has been pretty crap if I’m honest. It was my birthday on Wednesday which was okay but we don’t really go in for adult birthdays in a big way so it was a sedate sort of birthday with a nice daytime bath and a takeaway curry in the evening… but also a reminder that I’m another year older, have a few more grey hairs and next year will be ticking a different age category on forms! It’s also just been wet and muddy and miserable. Literally every time Arlo steps outdoors he will find the wettest area he can find and fall over. I don’t think he’s even doing it on purpose! It’s just meant a lot of extra washing. He’s also clearly having a very difficult time with his emotions (specifically anger!) which in turn is making me stressed out and a bit angry too. The incessant 5.30 or earlier wake up calls are also wearing me down a bit too!

The one upside of being stressed and tired is that I have turned to books, which always make things better I think! I’m currently reading ‘A Little Life’ (which is actually a bloody long book) but I am enjoying it though it’s taking a while to get into. I’ve just shot through all 3 of Helen Fields Detective Callanach books- which are so well written, and I don’t think she’s written the next one yet which is a bummer!

Our weekly vlog is up anyway, so you can find out what we got up to over the past week!

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