Me and Mine [January 18]

And so we start another year of family photos, which means I should really pull my finger out and get last years printed off! We took all our photos outside last year and plan to do the same this year, even if we manage it by the skin of our teeth! These photos were taken on an quick trip to the beach last night after picking the kids up, and before heading to a pub for dinner! You know there are some days when you just don’t want to cook? Well yesterday was one of them!┬áThis month has dragged its feet somewhat, as January tends to do every year really! We started the month off in Norfolk (on the beach!) so it’s nice to end it at home on the beach!
In January Sam has:
  • Been preparing for his snowboarding trip next week but going o the gym a bit, making a mess in the attic and our bedroom trying to find his thermals and other essentials and generally faffing a bit more than usual!
  • Passed an advanced driving test (with 4 minors only!)
  • Played a heck of a lot of ‘The Division’ on PS4

Lauren has:

  • Turned 34
  • Gone on a lovely and relaxing trip to Scotland
  • Tried to get back into the swing of things work-wise after the Christmas break and Scotland trip
  • Had almost daily arguments with technology in some form or other!

Athena has:

  • Been a but poorly in one way or another, she’s still not missed a day of school though the trooper! I think her illness over Christmas really knocked her immune system.
  • Been learning about Dinosaurs and Volcanoes
  • Started to love reading a bit more, and is still loving drawing
  • Become a little obsessed with Vamparina on Youtube

Arlo has:

  • Not fall out of bed now we’ve removed the inflatable bumper things, well done that kid!
  • Sort of shown an interest in trying to use the potty, even if it’s ad bedtime as a delaying tactic
  • Developed an unhealthy obsession with a tablet and watching kids open eggs on Youtube- god help us!
  • Also developed an obsession with Batman!

3 thoughts on “Me and Mine [January 18]

  1. We normally try to get out but the weather has been so shocking and January just got away with us this year. Sounds like you were good to get out despite it. #meandmine

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