Sunday Scrapbook – Trains & Trees & Six Weeks of School done!

This last week has been a testing one – but we survived! I got back from my holiday last weekend and it quickly felt like a) I’d never been away and b) I needed another holiday to recover from being back to the daily grind. But we survived! It was the last week of the first half of the school term for Athena, which means we are now enjoying our half term break!

To celebrate the end of school we headed to the Firework display at a local junior school, the kids scoffed popcorn and gawped at the fireworks, they seem to love it so we’re going to try and go to a couple more over the next couple of weeks too. We battled the rain and the winds yesterday to watch a steam train go past. I was so tempted to watch it from our living room window but decided to drag the kids to the train station to watch it from the platform… however it was almost an hour late so we (and the other train enthusiasts) were hanging around with storm Brian trying to knock us over! Arlo entertained people by chasing leaves around and I entertained people be bellowing at him when he bounced too close to the yellow line on the platform!

This week spent some time attempting to declutter the kids toys, I cleared a whole bin bag of ‘big toys’ out and they’ve not even realised they’ve gone yet so that’s a bit of a relief! I plan to sort out all the books that are too young for them and pass them on to a friend with a little one soon, and then move on to the stuffed toys! I’ll leave you with a photo of me in what has become my new favourite tree to climb in our woodland walk last weekend!

We’ve got a week of seeing friends and doing fun things planned, tomorrow we’re off to Shriek Week at Drusillas and then next Saturday we’re going to see Mister Maker at the Theatre Royal in Brighton! I am also giving away a family ticket here on my facebook page for the 1pm show – feel free to enter! The kids are so excited about it, I can’t wait to see their faces!

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