Sunday Scrapbook on a Monday

The last couple of weeks have been a whirlwind, so I didn’t manage a Sunday Scrapbook last week and this one is a day late… almost two! So Athena is now at school, she’s loving it though has turned into a little moody-madam at times! She starts full days as of Thursday this week, with her first ‘school dinner’ experience on Wednesday. If you could all send positive vibes that a) she actually eats the food they offer her and b) she doesn’t drop tomato sauce down her brand new cardigan/white polo shirt that’d be ace! The weather has been so naff, sun, wind and rain all in the space of twenty minutes, normally timed for the school run too. Joyful! Anyway, it’s nice to have a semblance of routine again!

Sam and I started a new diet last week too, the Keto diet (so low carb, high fat) which coincided with me catching Arlo’s cold. Let me tell you a cold and sugar withdrawals do not a happy couple make! I think I am on the mend now, just lingering headaches but I’m blaming the rain for that! I am losing weight though so at least it’s not all in vain!

I’m sure some more exciting things happened, but clearly nothing worth sharing! I am still on a mission to sell/give away anything that we don’t need anymore. I am trying to list 5 things a week on ebay, so last week it was maternity dresses and breastfeeding clothes. This week it’ll be the old buggy board and our spare buggy plus a few kids clothes bundles of ‘nice’ stuff (I only ever sell next, Zara or M&S clothes on ebay really- nothing else ever goes for enough money to make taking photos and packing it up worth it! I put bigger bundles of supermarket clothes on freecycle or take it to the charity shop, but I had got into a bad habit of keeping things ‘to do a bootsale’ with but clearly that isn’t going to happen so it all needs to go! I plan on a big toy refresh this side of Christmas too! Last week we sold a gorgeous but huge old wooden blanket box, mostly because we used to just store stuff we didn’t really need in it! It was also a different colour to everything else in the house so it didn’t really match! It ended up being taken by ebay courier up to Scotland, and the courier called me with an exact time he’s be arriving so no waiting in all day- perfect!

We’ve had a couple of nice lunches out with friends recently, plus lots of park trips and beach strolls too! I’m really hoping the weather stays nice enough for a stomp round the woods this weekend or the one after that!

I’m also joining in with Little Loves again this week after a summer break…

Little Loves Coffee Work Sleep Repeat



I have read these four books over the last month The Girls was really good, but out of the five my  favourite was A Beautful Poison. Set in New York at the last century it had a great plot and ended with a proper surprise!


God, what haven’t I watched? I ploughed through the second season of American Gods which is the best thing ever! I also watch series one of Doctor Foster as I missed it the first time round. So good but I was getting a bit fed up with the close ups on her eyes! I am in need of a new series to watch when Sam is at work – suggestions welcome! We are watching Suits, Ozark & Criminal minds together so none of those!


Not a lot really – I’ve been watching TV rather than listening to music when I work, or working in silence!


Absolutely nothing of interested unless you count “I made Athenas clothes labels stick to her clothes with the iron/hair straightners”


Oooh.. I have a LOVELY new pair of leopard print ankle boots, and a bloody amazing rose gold back pack- more on that soon though!

And Lastly…

I got two new tattoos last week! A Sailboat and an anchor on my fingers. They’re at that annoying itchy phase at the moment but I love them! It took me a while to find someone who would do them, who knew finger tattoos were a bit of a taboo! Most places will only do them if you are covered in tattoos already (I had six before these so nowhere near covered!)

finger tattoo


I’ll try and get the next scrapbook post up on a Sunday! Wish me luck!

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  1. I love that mug. I have a thing for mugs. Wow you have read so much. That’s amazing. I have stock pile to get through but I will be writing these ones down for sure too. #littleloves

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