Time for Tea: Feeling fruity with PG Tips

For the last month or so I have been slowly but surely working my way through the new range of Fruit & Herbal and Green teas from PG tips. Unless you’ve been living under a rock all your life (or perhaps are not in the UK) then you’ll know that PG Tips tea bags are pyramid shaped so less chasing a teabag around your mug trying to get it to turn the hot water tea coloured like you do with flat tea bags. These also have strings and tags for ease of use too!
They sent me a gorgeous hamper full of boxes of tea, a lovely swish glass teapot and most importantly my very own Monkey (He’s not mine anymore as Athena has pinched him) I added all the boxes to my tea cupboard and have now more or less worked out my favourites… although it can change depending on my mood and whether or not I have biscuits to dunk! plopping a biscuit into fruit tea just doesn’t work, but I take milk with my rooibos blends and that DOES work.
Some of the flavours work really well as cool drinks too. I let the kettle boil and make a mug full with 2 bags until it’s really strong, then I pour that into a pint glass and top up with cold water and pop into the fridge for a little bit to cool down. Athena has also joined in with a few cool drinks too as a special treat because normally it’s just water for her!


The Fruit & Herbal range consists of: Delicate Camomile, Smooth Red Bush & Vanilla and Aromatic Spices and Mint, Fresh Peppermint, Juicy Red Berries. My definite favourite is Red Berries (this is perfect as an iced tea!) but I also love the red bush with vanilla (with a dash of milk this is a biscuit duking tea!) As someone who suffers from IBS the peppermint tea is brilliant for when I have a flare up too.

The new Green Tea range consists of a Pure Green tea, Juicy Raspberry, Zesty Lemon, Mandarin Orange and Fragrant Jasmine. I’ll be 100% honest and say the Jasmine flavour just isn’t my cup of tea (mwahahah!!! geddit?) but the others are all really nice, the raspberry one especially. I have used the lemon with a couple of spoonful’s of honey too when I had a cold and sore throat and it was really healing!

You might’ve clocked the advert on TV by now but here it is for your viewing pleasure!

You can get all these teas in store now, Tesco stocks them all but most of the ranges are available elsewhere too! Also, rather annoyingly as I pride myself on not playing games online/on my phone PG Tips have launched a simple but very addictive game on their facebook page which Sam and I are trying to beat each other on.
Let me know if you’ve tried any of the flavours and what you think?

13 thoughts on “Time for Tea: Feeling fruity with PG Tips

  1. Ah so that’s where you got your toy box hamper from…! hehe 🙂 I would love to receive a hamper like that through the post, amazing! Not keen on fruity teas, or herbal ones. It all reminds me of being heavily pregnant and gagging on raspberry leaf tea. Eugh. x

  2. What an awesome hamper! Glad to hear the teas are so delicious 🙂 I’m on a self-imposed tea-buying ban at the moment, because I recently moved my hot drink paraphernalia from the larder into a kitchen cupboard, and it takes up an ENTIRE cupboard… Madness. xxx

  3. I love PG Tips, I haven’t tried any of these, but I drank their decaf a lot when I was pregnant and it was really nice. Love the glass teapot by the way! #TriedTested

  4. Oh my word, this is an awesome hamper! Love the glass teapot too, and definitely want to try the red berries as an iced tea! Thanks for linking up with #TriedTested

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