Things my toddler does that I wish she wouldn’t

A list of things my toddler does that I wish she wouldn’t…IMG_0918

Closes the toilet lid and attempts to flush it, often when I’m still sat on it. She also loves to throw anything and everything she can into the bath tub, keys, unopened post, shoes you name it.

Refuses to let me help her put her wellies on, so there’s a 50% chance that she’ll be walking around with them on the wrong feet.

Has a hissy fit at the top of the stairs and refuses to walk down herself, though she is quite capable. I then have to lug her, my bag and the bump down the stairs and out the door! Thankfully she’s perfectly happy to climb up the stairs so it could be worse!

When I put her in the car she leans forwards and grabs the head rest of the passenger seat, meaning I have to wrestle her into the harness. Sometimes I’ll be in the seat and Sam will be strapping her in, so she grabs a handful of my hair for fun too!


Refuses firstly to sit down in the bath, then tries to get as much water out of the bath as possible (preferably all over me or Sam) and then refuses to get out of the bath even once the water is cold and I’ve drained it all out.

In a split second decides she has had enough dinner, hovers the plate over the edge of the table till she’s sure one or both of us is watching her and then drops it onto the floor with a big grin.

Climbs. On everything and anything. The crib is ready and waiting next to our bed for a new baby to go in it, and Athena has worked out she can use it to get a leg up onto our bed which was previously too tall for her to get to on her own.

Will try her utmost to to break the arms on any glasses or sunglasses she can find, apart from her own of course!

Loves to wipe her nose on my top, never my PJs though, oh no just a freshly washed and put on top and normally five minutes after I wanted to have left the house.

What does YOUR toddler do that you wish they didn’t?


10 thoughts on “Things my toddler does that I wish she wouldn’t

  1. I wish my son would go to the loo when I ask him instead of waiting until I’m eating to exclaim “I need a big poo!”. You have to laugh 😉 x

  2. Haha this sounds a lot like Elsa. She refuses to sit down in the bath AT ALL so I have to wash her standing up every time! I also wish she would let me brush her teeth instead of insisting she do it herself (she’s only 18 months old) and sit still while I cut her nails so my mother in law will stop telling me off for the scratches she gives herself on her face!

  3. Ahh so funny. I know exactly how you feel! So relate to the plate at meal time incident! And yes what is the thing about the stairs. Mine doesn’t want to be carried down either. Seems he just wants to look at the view before finally coming down. So cheeky and funny aren’t they, and very cute 😉

  4. It’s not for everyone but I used the love of climbing to eliminate the car seat tantrums and taught my toddler to climb into her seat herself. Obviously not when it’s right by the road, but it really helped me a lot because I was pregnant with my second then too. The thing that my toddler does that I wish she wouldn’t is her incessant talking. I looked forward to her being able to speak and now I genuinely think I’ve gone deaf if she ever stops.x

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