Tried & Tasted with JUST EAT & win a £30 voucher! [ended]

If I was on death row and had to choose my ‘last supper’ I’d ask for Chinese food, hands down. I am well aware that what we know in the UK as ‘Chinese food’ probably bears little resemblance to traditional Chinese food, but hey I love how it tastes and I love the variety of dishes you can get all from one place. JUST EAT asked if they could treat me to a takeaway meal to share with my family, and as any other 9 month pregnant lady will agree the chance to order food and have it delivered at the click of a button is too much to resist! Sam has been using JUST EAT since he moved to Brighton for Uni many years ago, so it’s a site we were both pretty familiar with and it’s the first site that pops up when you type ‘www.J’ in the address bar in fact!

The feast we tucked into (I’m eating for two and my husband has the appetite of a large bear, and the stature too!) arrived only 5 minutes over the expected arrival time, but for a Friday night I wouldn’t hold that against anyone! We also live in a a building that is a bit to tricky to find and doesn’t always appear on sat-navs as the road was extended a few years ago. Everything we ordered from New Asia arrived hot, and the extra egg fried rice and prawn crackers were a nice touch! In fact Athena scoffed most of the prawn crackers the next morning as I daftly left them on the table, and we did actually have enough left over for lunch the next day too!

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Ordering is simple, you pop your postcode in and then choose the type of cuisine you’re after, a list of restaurants that match your criteria will pop up. Each one will have a star rating, contributed to by other uses of the site, and are an amalgamation of of service/quality and delivery time, and some people leave comments too which can be amusing to read! On top of these there are Tried & Tasted awards each year which short list the restaurants that have an impressive 4.5 stars and above rating from satisfied customers.  I’ve seen the list of the last four years winners and it’s good to see that Norwich (where we will probably move to at some point in the future) has a brilliant Chinese there for us to try!  This year, JUST EAT has introduced the new Consistency Award which recognises over 1000 from the establishments that have achieved Tried & Tasted for four years in a row, with 20 overall winners. You can find out a bit more about that here, who knew Folkstone would be the town with the best customer satisfaction?

So that someone else can enjoy a meal delivered to their door via Just-Eat then feel free to enter the competition below to win a £30 voucher to spend!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Ends: 22/3/15 and you will need a JUST EAT account to make use of the voucher, which will need to be used by the end of April.


Just Eat provided me with a discount code in order to complete this review, all opinions are my own.

5 thoughts on “Tried & Tasted with JUST EAT & win a £30 voucher! [ended]

  1. I must admit, it comes up in my url box when I type “j” too lol.
    Liam ordered Chinese last night, I didn’t because I wasn’t hungry then it arrived and I totally regretted it haha. Typical!

  2. Oh my goodness that looks GOOD!!

    We have Just moved and can now actually get takeaway delivered! Exciting!

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