Thirty Five and how I feel about it.

Lauren thirty five

A few days ago I turned thirty five. It’s weird because I still don’t really *feel* like an adult yet I most definitely am one. I mean 35 is normally a whole new age bracket to tick on forms right? If I got pregnant now I’d be a ‘geriatric’ mum (no plans to though!) I also think I look my age now more than ever, I’m getting eye wrinkles and I definitely have a middle aged spread & bingo wings! I have however been going grey since 21, so that’s nothing new!

If you asked me when I turned 25 what I’d be doing in ten years time I think I would’ve given a very different answer from my current reality. At 25 I wasn’t planning kids, in fact when I was 25 I was single that year for the first time since being a teenager after being in a series of serious relationships. I was living with my friend Nick in Brighton. I worked hard managing a hotel (but doing all sorts of weird shifts!) and spent all my spare time and money on going out. I went to the gym four or five times a week and was in good shape. I spent my 25th birthday on holiday, on my own in Fuertaventura and had a really good time! I then had a huge night out with friends when I got home.

For my 35th Birthday I was woken up with a cup of tea that my husband Sam made me, opened my cards and presents with my kids and then Sam and I had a nice lunch out in Chichester, followed by a steak dinner at home once we’d got the kids to sleep in the evening. I am definitely not in good shape now and although I do have a gym membership I’ve been once since November. I do still love going on holiday on my own though! Oh, and I am pleased I don’t have a dodgy ‘wave’ perm like I did ten years ago, and I’m happy I stopped using sunbeds too! I love working for myself, and although I still work in the evenings a lot at least it’s on my own terms and I can do it from my sofa!

It’s hard not to be envious of your ‘old’ life but you know what, it’s healthy and fine to reminisce and remember the times when things were different… and it’s okay to be slightly annoyed by the fact that you can hardly ever get a lie in, have a lot less spare cash and don’t go out half (or even a quarter!) of what I did in my twenties…

I’m fairly happy with my lot in life, of course there are things I’d change if I had more money, but I’m glad my 25 year old self (who didn’t want kids!) changed her mind!


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