My blogging history and tips for new bloggers

I started blogging publicly on Blogger in 2011. My online presence started way before that though with a Diaryland diary, then moving to Live Journal in 2000. Sadly that is no longer available as I didn’t log in for over two years, I would’ve shared a few teenage-angsty posts otherwise! I began reading blogs and watching youtube ‘gurus’ in 2010. I at first I read mostly  beauty and fashion blogs, and mostly wrote about that too, then I documented my holidays and travels, my wedding and then my pregnancy, and now of course being a parent features a fair amount!

I prefer to read lifestyle blogs now, or at least niche blogs with personality. If I wanted to read a magazine with no personality then I would do that instead!  In my feedly reader (I just don’t get on with bloglovin!) I have categorised my reading list into sections, lifestyle, food, fashion, parenting, Brighton bloggers, American bloggers and ‘misc’ for blogs that just don’t fit anywhere else!

I used to have a few regular posts/features like ‘loving/loathing’ which was an end of the month round up. Linkography was a post full of things I’d enjoyed on the internet recently, articles, posts from other bloggers, youtube videos etc. ‘In June I…’ Were monthly round ups of what I did in that month, sort of like ‘love/loathe’ but in more detail, linking back to favourite blog posts, mentioning what I’d been reading/cooking/watching etc.  I liked these posts so will definitely continue to do them, but with a separate book review post for my favourite books each month, but with any blog posts from other people that I think should be shared!


Other occasional series of posts that crop up are:

  • What the baby read/wore/did
  • Outfit posts
  • Thoughts: opinion pieces
  • Annoyances: things that have been irking me recently
  • Diy/craft
  • Recipes
  • ‘The tea times’ anything tea related
  • Parenting: anything baby/family related including experience/advice posts


Moving over to WordPress has definitely rekindled my enthusiasm for blogging again, and I’ve surprised myself by blogging daily recently! I know I will have a little dip as we as a family get used to nursery and both of us working but hopefully that won’t be for long!

I co-moderate a Brighton & Sussex bloggers facebook group and asked on there what one tip people would give to someone starting out as a new blogger, and wanted to share them with you in this post:

Chelle at Unique & Chic: Write for yourself not for your readers

Nancy at Mumra: Don’t define what you’re writing about before you start (or with your domain name). It’s a moveable feast especially when your brief is to write about stuff you’re interested in.

Jennifer at Jen the Red: write because you feel compelled to not to add another post to your website. The secret to that is caring about what you are writing. If you care, a little piece of your soul will be weaved into the article and the readers will connect with that.

Susie at Love food Brighton: Think about your branding. Be consistent with your brand colours, name and logo across all social platforms and on your blog to ensure you are recognisable

Fiona at Fifi McGee: Don’t allow the numbers of followers you have to be your analysis of ‘success’ – it’s better to have 100 tight knit readers that are more like online friends, than tens of thousands of strangers who skim through everything you write

Jen at Smiles and Trials: Only do it if it feels right and is enjoyable. What matters is that YOU are happy with your own content. Get that right and the rest will follow.

Antonia at Family Friendly Working: Get on and do it! Lots of people deliberate, but nothing beats setting up a free account and experimenting!

Why did you start blogging? What are your tips for new bloggers?

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  1. Hi, great tips and the photo is making me hungry. I started blogging in 2009 as a book reviewer/writer/student, but have recently started a new blog so I can write more about what I love and my current hobbies.

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