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Everyone starts off the year being organised, right? Not me – I dabbled with making a bullet journal over the Christmas holidays and stopped using it by the 4th of January. Thankfully I hadn’t bought a specific notebook for it but was using a little school-style exercise book. Anyway – I’m generally so bad at keeping on top of diaries that having to create the diary from scratch was just never going to happen! In past years I have also fallen into the trap of buying really elaborate and decorative diaries with pages printed in colour, little charts to tick how I am feeling and motivational quotes – all of which I ignored after the first couple of weeks. What I need is a diary that is set out clearly with no extra gumph on the pages, has a fair amount of space and is wirebound so it will lay flat. Step in Toad Diaries.

I designed the diary online, choosing:

  • the size (executive – between a5 and a4)
  • the cover design (I chose a navy and gold glittery  pattern)
  • what was printed on the front
  • the specific page layout
  • the specific start month
  • how many months

I really like that you can choose the start month and how many months you need, super helpful for those of us who do project work for a specific length of time; you could choose a 6 month period and not waste paper (or cost) on a longer length diary.

toad diaries planner

The different page layout choices available are pretty varied, from standard week/day per page to fitness specific layouts, fiscal options, appointments, academic etc. I chose ‘2 days per page’ which means there is a ‘notes’ section at the end of each 2 page spread – perfect for me.

I have plenty of space to write out everything I need to do, from kids and their school reminders, personal and household things and then work related things too. I definitely wouldn’t be able to keep on top of TWO diaries – home and work so find it easier to just put everything in one place to make a daily ‘to do’ list.

toad diaries personalised diary

My Toad Diaries planner is wire bound, and has a place-marker ribbon, business card holder at the back, year to view calendars for past/current/future years at the start as well as personal records, contacts and a yearly planner at the start. My only criticism is that the lines to write on for each day are a really faint grey – they could be a little darker.

If you’d like to win a £30 voucher to spend on toad diaries then get entering below! You could either create a diary similar to mine,  an organiser with replaceable inserts, or even a set of personalised notebooks with a variety of layouts, including square grids and music  paper too.

Win £30 to spend on personalised stationery with TOAD diaries

Ends  Sunday 8th   March at 11.59pm  . UK entrants only. Prize is a digital  voucher, which can only be used once and not exchanged for cash.

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