Travel: Iconic Destinations for your Bucket List

Are you one of those people that has a bucket list? When you’re younger often a holiday with your best friends was what you desired, the location didn’t matter as long as you were all together, the weather was good and you were having fun. Perhaps as you got a little older you may have started to plan trips, may have gone on city breaks as a couple, long haul flights and seen a little bit more of the world. As you get older, settle down and start a family time becomes more important, and how fast it goes. You worry about soaking up every moment, spending time with the family, and also giving them the experience of seeing the world. This is when you start to think about a bucket list, things you want to do with the family, places you want to see when your children are all grown up. I thought it would be good to share with you some of the iconic destinations and experiences I think should consider adding to your bucket list. I hope it gives you some inspiration!



Heading to Asia might be on your list but perhaps not this first place I am going to mention. China is definitely a big place, and with plenty to see including the capital of Beijing, you may be more inclined to consider it as an option for your bucket list. China is a forward thinking location, especially in the world of technology. After all, much of what we use today may have been manufactured there. It is known for some of the much loved cuisine we enjoy on a Friday evening, so why not sample the delights in the country of origin? Also, there is one last sight that may have you inclined to book a trip and that might be the Great Wall Of China. Something people want to walk along, either just for fun, or as part of a challenge and/or charity effort.



Sticking with the area of Asia, perhaps you want a different vibe, and you might just get that in the financial capital that is Singapore. An island city that is also a country with an extremely tropical climate. Beautiful buildings, fabulous sights and experiences to have including the night safari and a visit to Universal Studios. A lot of people use this location as a stopping off point for other places further afield, and if you are looking at different types of accommodation then a room for rent in singapore might not cost you as much as you think.



Thailand is often seen as a country that perhaps you associate with the younger generation. It is always a popular spot for a gap year traveling, for a young backpacker to island hop and enjoy a full moon party. But, as you get older the appeal of Thailand should still be there, thanks to the beautiful and unspoilt beaches, the relaxed vibe and the experience only Bangkok can offer. Thailand is definitely a great location for a holiday. The islands of Koh Phangan and Koh Samui are just two of the popular places to go. Finding the right locations is essential, but even as a family trip staying on a resort could be a viable option for the future.




This place will more than likely be on your bucket list, and I can see why. Australia really does have it all, doesn’t it? There is so much to see and do in this country, and quite possibly you might end up having many different places on your list. To mention a few to get you inspired is probably the best course of action. First up, I would suggest Melbourne. It has been classed as the most liveable city in the world for a few years running now. There is so much to do in this city, not to mention the beautiful suburban towns with the gorgeous beaches. You also have the popular Sydney, with the iconic sights and Bondi beach. Western Australia has much to offer, as does the Northern territories. Finally, no trip would be complete without the chance of swimming in the Great Barrier Reef. There really is so much to do, that you may have to combine a few places in one trip.



Canada is a huge country and one that is definitely worthy of a trip at some point in your life. You have the fantastic cities such as Vancouver, Toronto and Montreal. But for anyone who loves a bit of adventure, Canada really does have a lot to offer. Hiking and fun by the lakes, ski slopes perfect for Adrenaline junkies. There is so much to do and see.



I guarantee that at some point in your life there will have been a destination within the USA that you will have wanted to see and experience. With fifty states to choose from, all boasting amazing cities and historical sights, your whole list could be taken up with the American dream. But, I wanted to share with you a few highlights to consider. First up, Florida is definitely a state that might be on your list. Orlando is such a popular destinations for a family holiday thanks to the likes of Disney World. However, there is more to this state. You have the city of Miami, the beautiful Florida Keys and other sights such as The Everglades that you can experience. Other states in the US worth considering could be Los Angeles, Washington DC or even New York.



One of the most well loved cuisines happens to be Italian thanks to our love affair with pizza and pasta, it is also top of the list for many children in terms of what they might eat, so perhaps a trip to Italy might be on the cards. There are the famous lakes where you can relax, the fantastic cities such as Rome, where you can explore the history, see the Vatican and enjoy the colosseum in all its glory. There may be time to enjoy other parts of the country like Naples, Venice or Florence. So many beautiful places that again, you could be filling up a lot of your list with Italian delights.




A popular destination for families would be Spain. The beautiful southern resorts will have you heading there year after year for gorgeous sunshine and an easy atmosphere. However, why not consider seeing other parts of Spain the next time you go away. It could be that you head to Madrid or Barcelona to take inthe city vibes. Or perhaps you like the idea of a beach location that is a little quieter and less touristy. Spain really does have a lot to offer, and the familiarity you have with it can make it the perfect country to start exploring.


A list of people might not really consider Brazil for a holiday, but thanks to the recent Olympic Games being held in Rio De Janeiro a few years ago, our eyes have been opened up to the possibility. The famous Christ The Redeemer statue is also a bucket list worth experience to add, alongside the famous carnival that takes place every March.


The United Arab Emirates

The Middle East has become a popular destination in recent years thanks to the up and coming development in places like Dubai and Abu Dhabi. You can now stay in resorts where you can enjoy five star treatment and never need to leave your hotel. However, there are also some great benefits for heading out, such as the theme parks and the larger than life shopping malls. There really is a lot to see and do, and a bit of research ahead of time, plus knowing how to ensure you cover up and dress appropriately, will help you make the most of these destinations and all they have to offer.



Finally, Peru is another country that may not be top of the list, but there is one reason why you should consider going, and that is to witness and experience Machu Picchu. This is a derelict city up in the mountains and it is full of mystique and wonder. Certainly one worth doing,if not with children but as a goal for a couples holiday in years to come.


I hope that these suggestions have you brimming with inspiration for your own bucket list! 

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