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I have a love hate relationships with anything  waterproof. I love that I don’t get wet but generally hate how drab waterproof jackets can be! I also have a fairly small head so most hoods just flap around my ears for a bit and then blow off, meaning my head doesn’t stay dry!

Until now I’ve avoided bad rain and stayed in when possible, but doing that for more than a day with two little people in a fairly small flat means that one or more of us will go crazy if that happens twice in a row as getting out is good for our sanity! Thankfully Trespass came to the rescue when they asked if I’d like to review one of their raincoats.

I chose the Penrose jacket, after a bit of a perusal if the numerous styles. I went for it because it comes in a nice aubergine colour (although it is available in black too) and because I liked the look of the fur trim on the hood! Along with looking like a regular parka it’s wind proof and waterproof to 5000mm (which I am assuming is a lot!) with taped seams so definitely no leaks no matter how rainy and windy it is! Another plus is that it is a longer length and covers my bum, a big bugbear of mine with other rain coats is that they’re only waist length!

Light padding means this will also keep me warm in autumn and winter when I’m out and about in the rain with the little ones, and a plethora of pockets (six in total!) means that I can carry all the bits and bobs I need on me, and no fear of my phone getting soggy in my pocket as it used to do!

As I mentioned before, I had a pea-sized head but the hood has adjustable cords so I can tighten it to stop it flapping off, and the fur trim is removable too! More drawstrings at the waist and bottom hem mean you can fully adjust to suit your body shape.

I wanted to actually get a picture of it in the rain, but luckily for my photographer (aka husband) he’s been dry at work the last few drizzly days and I wasn’t going to trust a toddler with my camera! But I can confirm I was snug and dry, as snug and dry as the babies were under their rain cover on the buggy in fact!

If you’re after a new raincoat then this one is currently heavily discounted in the sale and is available for £31.99 instead of £112.99, along with lots of other styles! Sam and I have been bookmarking a few things we like the look of for our ski holiday next year too, how cute would Athena and Arlo be in these!


Dimple babies Ski suits!

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