A bedroom spruce up

It’s been a while since we did much in our bedroom, but the arrival of Arlo meant re-jigging it a little to fit him in! Well, he would fit in quite nicely but all the paraphernalia he needs doesn’t! Plus a change of bedroom is always fun, I used to spend days in my school summer holidays as a kid working out what would fit where and roping friends in to help me move it all around (and on one fateful weekend paint it lilac with a shrine wall to Leonardo DiCaprio) but these days I am a little less impulsive plus I have to share the room with Sam, so no shrines! Anyway, I’ve digressed…

We had to make space for the bedside crib, and for a changing table and some baby-clothes storage, so decided to move the bed to in front of the window. This also means that when the window is open we both benefit from the breeze now. If we had a Super King TV bed we’d hardly need to leave the bed, space for all of us and entertainment built in!

We moved the bedroom around just before Arlo arrived, but moved all the junk and bits and bobs with it so it still looked cluttered and I didn’t have much space on my bedside table. I was lucky enough to be asked by Homebase to choose some items from their homeware range to decorate our room with.

I de cluttered my bedside table by popping the pile of books on top of the mini wooden drawers, drawers that I have been planning on painting for about three years! Anyway, with the books gone my old lamp still took up a lot of space, and this gorgeous brushed brass lamp fitted the bill perfectly! Because I still need a low light overnight to see to feed and change Arlo this was ideal! The lamp has a flexible neck, and has three dimmer settings, triggered by touch so no groping around in the dark for a switch!

Sam chose the globe and the map-print cushion, although I quite like them too! A couple of times now we’ve played ‘find the country’ and Athena quite likes to spin it too! We realised we didn’t have a photo in the bedroom anywhere at all, so a triple photo frame seemed like a good idea so I printed some photos from our holiday to Bluestone last month to pop in it! I think £9.99 for a triple wooden frame is a pretty good price, plus it can be hung or stood either way round. They actually had some really nice decorative frames (have a look!) but I plan to decorate this one myself at some point!

Since we had a de clutter and actually have nice things in the room now we’ve both been making an effort to keep the place a bit tidier, and actually make the bed these days! But as you may have noticed ironing the duvet cover is a step too far! Hey, I have a newborn baby, my time is precious!

We were provided with vouchers to spend at Homebase for the purpose of this blog post. 



4 thoughts on “A bedroom spruce up

    1. That little globe is gorgeous!

      I’m about to embark on a bedroom spruce up for us too, now we have moved the cot away from the side of the bed and the room is becoming a bit more ‘adult’ again. This weeks plan is putting curtains up…wish me luck…

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