Ultra cool wedding venue trends for 2018

We’re so excited about 2018. All of you loved-up couples out there planning a wedding, the trends are up there with the best so far, and that includes what romantically-entwined couples want from their venue. The wedding venue is perhaps the biggest hurdle in planning a wedding. Many couples set out with optimism, searching for a venue that ticks the boxes and lives up to the image they have in their dreams. All too often though, there comes the realisation that perhaps the idyllic venue isn’t going to be that easy to come by, or worst still it may not even exist. Arrgh! If that’s true for you, don’t lose heart. You may not find exactly the fairy tale castle, or the quirky venue you are looking for, down to the last detail, but you will find a venue that you feel a close connection to. The best advice is to start with an open mind. Don’t feel compelled to rush this part of the wedding planning journey. Seeking out your venue should be an enjoyable part of the process. Do take a look at trends – you may even find you change your mind completely about what it is you thought you were looking for. We’ve put together some of the latest wedding venue trends to help you decide what theme and venue will work best for you. Happy venue hunting lovebirds!


Whimsical and botanical themes

Green foliage is the order of the day at a 2018 wedding. Whimsical and botanical themed weddings have slowly been creeping onto the wedding scene in recent years, but this year the botanical theme is set to explode. Bell jars filled with foliage are the new table decoration, and low and long foliage is taking the place of extravagant large table bouquets. Hoorah, you’ll be able to see who is sitting opposite. So much more sociable we think! For those with a passion for flowers, hanging flower decorations are the way to go. Great impact without getting in the way.

Woodsy is the new word for rustic, and it’s hot for 2018. In terms of venues, think barns, orangeries, glasshouses, botanical gardens and outdoor woodland settings. It doesn’t get more botanical and woodsy than that. Pippa Middleton set the bar high last summer. The enchanting glasshouse in her parents’ back garden was hands down awesome.


Stunning marquees

[Image: ultra-cool-wedding-venue-trends-marquees]

Now picture this. Hollywood glamour married with a sense of the great palaces of the Mughal dynasty. A stunning luxury white marquee decked out with elegant furnishings and sumptuous chill out zones is a thing of beauty and perfect for a high-end wedding with a quirky twist. The great benefit of a marquee is that you can put it almost anywhere you like. So, if you have a place in mind to get wed that is special to you both, but doesn’t have the facilities to accommodate guests for your reception party, a marquee could be the answer and will certainly make your wedding special and unique.


The industrial-chic theme

There will of course be those of you who balk at the woodsy, botanical theme. Take a sigh of relief. At the other end of the spectrum is the industrial-chic themed wedding. The two couldn’t be more polar opposites. Stark, simplistic and edgy, the industrial-themed wedding venue provides a brilliantly contrasting background for the suits, boots and fancy dresses. Venues range from industrial lofts and warehouses to revamped disused factory spaces. Do exactly what you want in terms of decoration. That’s the whole point of industrial-chic themed venues. They are a backdrop for you to do as you please. Go vintage with décor, contemporary, traditional or glam. Anything works (well almost). It’s the perfect wedding venue for the bohemian, urban couple.

Simplicity rules

Forget grandeur. Simple elegant venues are far more on point this year. Minimalist everything is on trend, from venues, to wedding dresses and décor. Ostentatious is only acceptable if you have the personality to match. The trend towards simplicity opens up loads more possibilities when it comes to venues.

This year is all also about quirky, low-key wedding breakfasts. There’s no great shakes about finding a venue with a top-notch catering service in-house. Shipping in a food truck and bringing in Prosecco vans are the order of the day. With table decorations stripped back and floral installations hanging from the ceiling, less cluttered tables make room for sharing platters. You have permission to relax. The formal wedding breakfast is definitely on hold. Oh, oh, oh, and single colour bridal bouquets are in. Effortlessly simple and uber chic. What more could a bride hope for in a bouquet?

The weekend wedding

Extended celebrations are breaking traditional wedding rules. For those not bothered about jetting off on honeymoon to spend time alone straight away, a 2-3 day extravaganza is the perfect way to maximise the time you spend with friends and family celebrating. Kick off with a pre-wedding intimate family dinner, invite the crowd for the big day, and continue the celebrations with close family and friends after for a day or two. Spa facilities are of course a venue deal maker. Oh yeah!


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