Wanderlust: 5 Must-See Cities in Germany

If there is a bucket list of countries you have hidden away in your phone or in a diary, Germany has to be one of the countries on the list. As it stands, Germany is best known for the history of World War II, the Berlin Wall, and the delicious Bratwurst and beer you can sample while you visit. It’s a robust economy, Germany, and when you combine the serious culture and natural beauty with the comprehensive and detailed history of the country, you get a country that is a MUST visit.

From the Bavarian Alps to the medieval towns that are charming and cozy, you’ll find something to love in Germany. When you travel over Oktoberfest, you experience something that really cannot be put into words. You can wander through towns that care about their people, the environment (don’t forget the German Umweltplakette!), and they care about what their visitors think of them. There are famous clubs in Berlin to explore, vast numbers of museums to visit, and cities filled with skyscrapers to explore. Germany is one of the countries that should feature heavily if you plan to road trip to do some skiing, but it’s also jam-packed with cultural places to see and things to do! 

No matter what you want, Germany has it to offer. With that in mind, let’s take a closer look at five cities that you absolutely must-see when you head out on your journey around Germany.

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Did you know that one of the largest seaports in Germany can be found in Lubeck? In the north of the country, you can find some of the original medieval architecture, which is why this northern state is so popular with tourists. Given that it was one of the first cities to be bombed during the War, the architecture stood the ultimate test of time. The narrow streets offer views of the cathedral, the Town Hall (12th Century!), and the original Holstentor city gates. Add in the fantastic restaurants, the SEA LIFE, and Dragerpark, and you have a list of places to tick off as you go. Bring a Polaroid camera for your travels: you won’t regret it!



Disney lovers take note: this is where you can see the real inspiration behind Walt Disney’s Sleeping Beauty Castle. The most photographed building in the entirety of Germany is the Neuschwanstein Castle – you can already see why it’s so popular! It’s right in the middle of the Bavarian Alps, so in the winter months, it indeed looks like a fairytale castle. Unlike most castles of its size, it was never built for defense. It was made for King Ludwig II, who loved to daydream – which is why it looks like the dreamiest castle around – because it is! Add in the wonderful people, the delicious food and music, and you really do have a city to visit that dreams are made of!



On your trip through Germany, you should make sure that you climb up to Heidelberg Castle. See the views of the city itself, and visit the medieval Old Bridge for pictures you’ll treasure forever. There are pubs, restaurants, art galleries and museums to view, with shops and markets to peruse in your spare time, too. Make sure that you buy at least one cuckoo clock on your market trawl; you won’t regret something authentic from Heidelberg! The one thing that makes most tourists flock here is the long academic history, as Heidelberg is home to the oldest university in Germany. You can see it all for yourself on Philosopher’s Walk, which is a scenic footpath that has been walked previously by many professors.



Ah, the place to be for Oktoberfest – Munich should absolutely be on the list of places that you visit when you go through Germany. If you want sophisticated opera houses and shows at the famous National Theatre, then Munich is the place to be. You can find beautiful modern architecture mixed in with the classic works, and you will be spoiled for choice when it comes to historic churches. Throw in royal palaces and busy nightlife venues, and you have somewhere you can enjoy. The Oktoberfest involves beer tents and Bavarian food, so what else do you need?



The capital city of Germany warrants your attention! It’s historical roots, and an abundance of sightseeing attractions makes Berlin a must on your list. The nightlife and culture are both necessary to Germany and will make your trip as unique as possible. Tourists come from all over the world to visit the historic structures such as the Brandenburg Gate and the Reichstag. The Berlin Wall may have been demolished, but there are still some points that stand for the attention of all the visitors who arrive.


Germany: it needs to be a place in which you invest this year!


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