Ways to Commemorate the Birth of Your Child

Becoming a mother, whether for the first time or through extending your family, is a cause for celebration. Although you may be busier and have a lot to do, it is worth making the most of every moment of motherhood, good or bad, because these memories are precious. One way to do this is to commemorate the birth of each of your children. Here are some suggestions.


Buying a piece of jewellery to mark the birth of your child means that whenever you wear it, you will always be reminded of them, long after they have grown up and left home. Although, you will want to buy something which will last throughout the years. A pair of stunning pearl earrings is a perfect example of this. Chisholm Hunter has a wide range of high-quality earrings, so even as a new mother on a tight budget, you can find a pair that matches what you’re willing to spend. They will make a great addition to your jewellery box and the sentimental value attached is priceless.

A photoshoot

Photoshoots have risen in popularity, for mothers wanting to capture some of the first moments with their newborns. These usually happen in the early days of your child’s life – don’t worry though! You can book your photoshoot after you’ve had time to recover and catch up on some sleep!

A memory box

It’s difficult to decide which parts of your baby’s first days or months you want to hold onto. As a new mother, it’s likely you want to remember it all. A memory box can store many of these. So if you want to photograph their first smile, laugh, them gripping your finger, or taking their very first steps, all of these photos can be stored in a memory box. Aside from photos, you might also want to keep their hospital wristband, a lock of hair, a newspaper cutting from the day of their birth and their favourite toy after they have grown out of it.

Photo album

A photo album lets you keep a memory of everything which won’t fit into a memory box. This could be anything from photos of your baby playing with the toys at home, trips to the park, or your first family holiday together. Filling several albums means you can also pass these onto your child when they are older. They may not remember all these moments, but some photos, particularly as a toddler or older ones, may remind them of moments they had forgotten.

Plant a tree

If your home has a garden and there are no restrictions to prevent this, planting a tree to commemorate the birth of your child can be a great idea. The tree will grow as your child does, and it can feel extra special for them to have their own tree in the garden.

Although you will never forget the most precious moments you share with your child, celebrating their birth in one or more ways is always great for capturing these happy memories, for you and them.


This is a collaborative post. Photo by Andrew Petrov on Unsplash

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