We love: Fisher Price musical instruments

My baby loves music almost as much as she loves grapes (which is about as much as I love chocolate digestives, lots!) So when a parcel of musical goodies arrived in the post from Fisher Price’s musical toy range she was pretty pleased, she’d have something to make noise with whilst bouncing around to whatever songs she can hear (amusingly the titles on the 6 O’clock news seems to be her favourite at the moment!)
IMG_6032 IMG_5653
IMG_5636 IMG_5637
The Rattle ‘n Rock Maracas have one soft end with the opposite end containing beads to shake. You get two in a set. Amazingly the rattle isn’t annoying as it’s not too loud, and when thrown they don’t do any damage!
IMG_5644 IMG_5641
The Shake ‘n Beats Tambourine not only makes noise but also means madam can gawk at herself in the mirror whilst making noise! I’ve not yet met a baby that doesn’t love to admire itself in the mirror!
As with most Fisher Price toys they are both sturdily built, and fun to use. Colourful, bright and well designed meaning that she can happily play with them for a while as there is lots to keep her interested, when she’s a bit older we’ll be able to practise colours too with these instruments. Oh and as per usual the packaging is easy to open and well thought out, and recyclable too, always a bonus when you don’t have to battle with scissors to get into something!
You can buy the tambourine here and the maracas here.
She liked these so much that we’ve bought her the Laugh n Learn Cookie Jar for her birthday, a friends daughter loves it so much when I saw it out shopping I had to grab it for Athena too, even though it makes noises! I’m sure I’ll learn to block them out soon enough….!
We were sent the toy instruments to review, all words and opinions are unbiased and mine, as ever!

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  1. aaa my girls all love to make music!! love that the tambourine has a mirror built into it, I mean you’ve got to make sure your looking your best whilst entertaining others 😉 #triedtested

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