How can clothes make me so sad?


Last week I swapped all of Athena’s 9-12 month clothes from the 12-18 month lot. I’d been squirreling away on ebay buying bundles, buying the odd bit here and there when I saw it, and had a lot of things given to us from my friend Amy now her daughter has grown out of it.
One the one hand i’m happy that I have a whole array of new outfit choices ahead of me, but I am far sadder that she is not a baby-baby anymore. All the clothes are now basically mini versions of what an adult would wear, it’s hard to find cute baby-y clothes now she’s in this age group. To make it worse she’s not even 11 months till Tuesday! It doesn’t help that she is developing daily into a proper person, imitating the pattern of our voices, throwing hissy fits every so often and generally growing up!
In our walk in wardrobe en-suite bathroom there are 2 big suitcases full of tiny baby grows, little trousers with feet on the end and coats with ears from sizes past. Hopefully at some point soon we’ll have another little sproglet to put in them but for now I am lending out clothes to people with smaller babies so that they still get used and loved.
The first two rompers are from TU at Sainsbury’s (my favourite supermarket baby clothes selection) and the last one is from Primark, annoyingly with no poppers at the crotch! Also since we’ve been using Real Nappies rompers tend to be much more accommodating to a bulkier behind!




12 thoughts on “How can clothes make me so sad?

  1. Who designs baby clothes with no poppers at the crotch!??! Also, I love dungarees but as soon as you start potty training they are a first class pain in the bum!
    I know what you mean about them being little people and not babies anymore 🙁 Sad times 🙁 x

  2. Aww I sympathise – my Kitty has always been at least one if not two clothes sizes ahead of herself (she’s currently 3 and wearing either age 5 or 6) and I was a little sad at the speed with which she scuttled through her baby clothes – though fortunately her little sister is making a valiant effort to wear them out!

  3. Lovely pictures! Mummy is always sad when I move up a clothing size. I am her last baby – but she does have four children 🙂 thank you for linking up with my #bootd x

  4. Awwww. I know this feeling well. It’s even sadder when it’s your second. When Felix grows out of stuff I end up sorting it into a “keep for the grandchildren” pile or a sell/give away pile 🙁

    I love those rompers. Like you we use cloth and they are great for that! xx

  5. all of these cute baby girls with there pinks and purple makes me want a baby! I love her outfits she is adorable x #bootd

  6. Aww how cute, I love the little denim suit, but no popppers sounds like a bit of a nightmare!

  7. I always get really excited at getting the next age of clothes out! Although I don’t always put the small ones away in one go, I just do it as I go along and they don’t fit. H&M are brilliant for fitting over cloth nappies! #bootd

  8. I love rompers on little girls! I love her name too, beautiful little lady 🙂 xx #bootd

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